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More than just meat 


Bolscher wants to have reduced its CO₂ emissions by 50 per cent by early as 2020. They act now and take a leading position. To achieve this progressive goal, Bolscher is developing new circular and meat-consumption reducing concepts.

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In short

  • Reducing CO2 emissions to slow down global warming.
  • Energy saving measures, meat alternatives and responsible raw material use

Global Goal

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The family-run business from Enschede aims to deliver the best products to food professionals. As they point out: “more than just meat”. The meat industry is confronted with major environmental issues. Bolscher sets an example for others in the sector with the measures they take.

Smart energy saving measures

Bolscher is the first meat company to be certified on the CO₂ performance ladder. They have taken various energy-saving measures to achieve a CO₂ reduction. For example, the roof of the production location now contains more than 600 solar panels, the production areas and offices are fully lit by LED lighting, and all passenger cars are electric. Bolscher also adjusts its fleet to meet the 2020 targets. For example, Bolscher has 9 charging stations, and a quick charging station has been installed in collaboration with the municipality of Enschede. Bolscher is the first company to supply the catering industry in the centres of Enschede and Hengelo with zero-emission cars. The so-called street scooters are electric and are powered by Bolscher’s solar panels. Another measure is the adjustment of the system that cleans delivery crates, resulting in a 90 per cent energy reduction. Finally, cleaning water is (pre)heated with the heat recovered from the cooling installation.

Feed the world

5 kilos of vegetable feed is needed to produce one kilo of meat. The average Dutch person eats 80 kilos of meat yearly, almost double the amount compared to fifty years ago. This consumption has a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, it is important to eat less meat. Bolscher is aware of these facts and has developed “Meat Your Veggies”, a hybrid meat product that consists of 50 per cent meat and 50 per cent vegetables.

“The world must be fed. In the future we can’t do this with just meat”, says Roy Bolscher.

CO₂ ‘food’print

To reduce the carbon footprint, Bolscher believes in regional and small-scale meat production. A good example is “Harry’s Farm”. Black Angus cattle from Reggedal in Enter are used to produce quality Angus meat that tastes delicious. Harry’s Farm raises the cattle with respect for nature.

Responsible production

Another measure that Bolscher has taken is making all packaging recyclable. Also, they separate all waste. 


Bolscher sets the bar high and shows with their taken measures that a 50 per cent CO2 reduction by 2020 is achievable

Date: 19 April 2019 |

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