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Demcon is supplying essential ventilation modules for coronavirus treatment worldwide.


Some of the patients infected with the coronavirus end up in the hospital with severe shortness of breath. To help these patients, ventilators are required. Demcon’s macawi respiratory systems’ breathing modules are vital in the fight against the coronavirus. “The need for ventilation systems was never this huge before”, says Renée Koekkoek op Munsterhuis, press officer at Demcon. Read more below.

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  • Ventilation equipment is vital in the treatment of the coronavirus
  • Twente company Demcon is supplying ventilation modules that save lives worldwide

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With the coronavirus now spreading worldwide, Demcon’s macawi respiratory systems are saving lives. Demcon is a technology supplier of products and systems, focusing on high-tech, robotics and medical systems. Demcon has two locations in Enschede but supplies these ventilation modules worldwide. In other words, Demcon is making a crucial international contribution to the fight against Corona. “We are thankful to have the opportunity of making a direct contribution to the treatment of thousands of Corona patients with respiratory problems, by providing these systems”, says Renée.

Van module naar een volwaardig beademingssysteem, DemcAir

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Macawi Respiratory Systems

Demcon’s Macawi Respiratory modules are the smallest, most dynamic breathing supporters that are nowadays used in mechanical respiratory systems. The system has top-notch performances despite its small design. If you want to know more about how the device works, watch the video below. According to Renée Koekkoek op Munsterhuis, Demcon is very busy at the moment, the demand for this equipment is high due to the Corona crisis. “We are making every effort to meet the demand in this situation; we are currently setting up a second production line to meet the high demand. We will be able to double our production with it.” Demcon is doing their utmost best to ensure they can deliver the equipment to hospitals as soon as possible. 

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