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Traffic noise reduction reduces health problems

Increasingly bigger urban areas host more and more traffic, increasing traffic noise. This negatively impacts our health.

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In short

  • People can experience higher stress levels, hearing damage, sleep disorders and even heart problems because of traffic noise
  • 4Silence’s technology reduces noise pollution by traffic. They contribute to sustainable infrastructure and therefore also to a healthier living environment

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Traffic noise causes many health problems, such as hearing damage, stress, sleep disorders and even heart problems. Research by the CROW-KpVV knowledge institute shows that by 2020 the damage caused to people by noise will be about the same as the damage caused by traffic accidents. Also, research from the German University of Wuppertal has shown that children living in noisy environments are lagging in development. Five-year-olds who sleep with the noise of traffic in the background have a poorer night's sleep and therefore build up a development gap of around three months.

Reducing traffic noise

4Silence, located at the Kennispark in Enschede, developed the solution: the “Whisstone”. The company which once started as a UT start-up developed the Whisstone to reduce traffic noise. This way they contribute to sustainable infrastructure and therefore also to a healthier living environment. Sustainable noise reduction, innovative solutions, scientifically founded and proven results.

Bending traffic noise instead of absorbing it

To reduce traffic noise, 4Silence developed a diffractor, the so-called Whisstone. The Whisstone is a concrete element with cavities, which is installed next to the road surface. Instead of absorbing traffic noise, the Whisstone diffracts it: it bends the sound upwards.


This method significantly reduces the annoyance caused by roadside noise. The diffractor reduces tire/road noise by approximately 3 to 4 dB(A). The Whisstone is compatible with, and therefore a complement of, existing sound reducing measures, as silent road surfaces and noise barriers.

Whiswall, een innovatieve toepassing van de Whisstone

4Silence’s newest product is an implementation of the already existing Whisstone. By adding the diffractor to a sound barrier, the applicability of the Whisstone directly becomes more useful. Because of the additional noise reduction, the sound barrier is more effective. A doubling of the noise reduction is the result of adding the Whisstone to the sound barrier. Also, the noise reduction will not decrease over the years. In short: sustainable noise reduction.

Date: 13 December 2017 |

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