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Moving forward by looking at the past. Van der Geest, biobased paint producer from Enschede, has done precisely this with their vegetable indoor and outdoor paints. Only renewable raw materials are used to produce the paint. Van der Geest grows its required flax in Twente, extracts linseed oil and uses it to produce their Rolsma™ sustainable paint.

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In short

  • Many companies continuously move forward by innovating themselves and creating new solutions. Looking back at solutions of the past should not be forgotten.
  • Van der Geest, specialised in paint, developed a vegetable paint that is produced right here in Twente.

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The vegetable paint developed by paint specialist Van der Geest fits seamlessly in the social mission to prevent depletion of the soil. One of the ways of doing this is switching to harvestable raw materials, in which biomass plays an important role. Using organic resources, ‘real paint’ is created. The oil that is extracted from the flax seeds forms a natural basis for oil paint with the best drying characteristics. This authentic product, just like in past times, but based on today’s technological knowledge and innovative power. The natural paint is made of biodegradable, natural and renewable resources, perfectly fitting into the ecological cycle.

Flexible and high coverage

Rolsma™  line oil paint is a high-quality paint that is not chemically treated afterwards. The "green" paint contains hardly any volatile organic compounds and is available in any desired colour. In addition to 100% vegetable indoor and outdoor wall paint with 0% solvent, Van der Geest also supplies oil-based floor paint products. Through intensive R&D, these products are extremely durable, even outperforming requirements set by law. The excellent adhesion of the linseed oil paint makes it possible to achieve excellent coverage with only one thin layer of paint. Additionally, the paint is flexible, allowing the substrate to alter due to weather influences while maintaining full coverage and the original high quality.  

Ecological paint for cultural heritage

This biological paint is widely used for traditional restoration and specific maintenance of unique monuments. After all, quality paint is needed for cultural heritage, perfectly matching the appearance of those monumental buildings. Ecological value prevails. At the same time, sustainable maintenance products contribute to CSR goals set by companies and governments. In most cases the natural linseed oil can be painted on top of the old (synthetic) paint layers, making it also applicable modern company buildings and private homes.


Van der Geest is the only paint producer selected by Raab Kärcher to be included in their Greenworks assortment. Greenworks is a select collection of sustainable building materials out of all building materials that Raab Kärcher offers. Rolsma™ is included in the Greenworks lacquer paint assortment.

Managing brushes sustainably

Painting companies use dozens or even hundreds of brushes every year. A common cause is dried out brushes. It is not economical nor sustainable, which is why Van der Geest developed and patented a natural, water-based and odourless storage gel for brushes. This gel significantly extends the lifespan of brushes. After each use, brushes are stored in the gel in an airtight box. Upon the next usage, the gel can easily be wiped off, and the brush can directly be used again. As a social entrepreneur, sustainable paint specialist Van der Geest has had both production processes and the working environment independently certified with numerous predicates.

Date: 15 July 2018 |

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