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Top design from Enter improves life in India 

In India, 400 million people live below the poverty line. Most of them have no access to the fragile health care that is present. Current Indian health care cannot cope with upcoming prosperity disorders and high population growth. The healthcare that is offered also scores poorly compared to other Asian countries. No fewer than 21% of child deaths and 27% of all neonatal deaths in the world occur in India and Indians run the risk of having a heart attack at least ten years earlier than people in developed countries.

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In short

  • Many people in India have no access to the fragile health care that is present
  • Design agency D’Andrea & Evers from Enter in Twente designed a medical device that can save many Indian heart patients

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Top design from Twente

D’Andrea & Evers, design agency from Enter in the municipality of Wierden in Twente, has contributed to better healthcare through their top design. They worked over 1,5 years to design a medical device that makescardiovascular surgeries possible for more people. This so-called "Cath Lab" has the same image capabilities as comparable modern machines, but is 2 to 4 times cheaper. “As a result, more hospitals can purchase the equipment. Therefore, many more cardiovascular operations can be performed, saving lives," says Tom Evers, co-owner of the design agency from Twente.

Looking for an affordable solution

Vikram Mordani is the initiator of Innvolution Image Technologies in Bangelore, India. He was working on the development of new technology for cardiovascular operations and needed an industrial design agency that could give the cheaper version of his medical device a high-quality appearance. “Usually, the technology easily costs half a million. By choosing a slightly stripped-down machine in functionality, he can deliver it for around one and a half tons. The challenge was that this device was not allowed to look cheaper, so that is why we paid much attention to the design”.

More successes from Twente

In addition to D’Andrea & Evers, Parthian Technology from Twente is also participating in the project as a supplier of materials. Based at the High Tech Systems Park, Parthian Technology specialises in fibres and reinforced plastic. They supply the advanced composite material for the treatment table of this medical device. “Made from carbon fibre, because of the permeability of radioactive radiation,” says Evert-Jan Temmink, partner of Parthian Technology.


Currently, the device is only for sale in India. The intention is to make the Cath Lab also available in other countries.

About D’Andrea & Evers Design

D’Andrea & Evers Design is an experienced industrial design agency, specialised in medical technologies. They develop medical aids for diagnosis, care and self-care in the field of life science and health. Examples are an operating system for eye surgery, a hand scanner for rheumatoid arthritis, pendulum arms in operating rooms and the Cath Lab. Aesthetic design, functionality and usability are key points in their expertise in the field of medical products.

About Parthian Technology

Parthian Technology develops new technologies in the field of polymers and composites in Twente. They strive to create value for society and organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals in various markets.

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