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Hydrogen car for a healthy environment


Various substances are released into the air during a car ride, including CO2 and fine particles (causing respiratory disease). Even a short ride of 5 kilometres results in 1.120 grams of CO2 being emitted, according to MilieuCentraal. These emissions ensure that the heat on earth is retained, which in turn slowly increases the temperature on earth. To compensate for driving a car and building this car in the first place you need to plant 300 trees yearly ( However, there is another solution…

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In short

  • A lot of cars drive around in The Netherlands, many of which are mostly driven by one person. This results in an unnecessarily large amount of exhaust gases being emitted.
  • Green Team Twente developed a hydrogen car, reducing the volume of emitted poisonous gases.


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Hydrogen car without harmful emissions

Green Team Twente developed a hydrogen car that is much friendlier for the environment and our health than petrol or diesel cars. The hydrogen car drives without emitting harmful gases since hydrogen is the most environmentally friendly fuel possible. The fuel cell converts hydrogen into electrical energy, only emitting water and water vapour.

From Twente to Milano with just one litre of fuel

In July, the team battled in the Shell Eco-marathon on a world level with their hydrogen car for the title “most efficient and fast city car”. The team further developed their previous car, H2∞ (Infinity), resulting in the Aurora One. This car is 10 kilometres per hour faster and can do a staggering 1.000 kilometres with just one litre of fuel.

Date: 3 May 2018 |

Source of tekst: University of Twente |