How Demcon works towards a cleaner world

Demcon from Enschede is launching new ambitions concerning the energy transition. The tech company has a lot of experience with mechatronic product design and translates this into solutions for efficient and sustainable energy systems.  

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In short:

  • Demcon steps into the world of sustainable energy.
  • Hydrogen may replace natural gas in the future, as far as Demcon is concerned.

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Toon Hermans was previously the managing director of the Demcon location in Enschede, and recently became the managing director of Demcon energy systems in Enschede. “At some point we said to each other within the company: “we would like to contribute to social challenges, and we now really have the power to do so. The energy transition is, of course, one of these challenges. Reducing CO2 emissions and no longer using fossil raw materials is a technological and economical challenge. This transition will not be easy, and will take decades, so we do not want to stand by and do nothing.”

Making more intelligent use of energy

An important trend in the energy transition is the decentralisation of energy generation and energy storage. For example, cooperatives are forming at local and regional levels, in which generators and users want to make smart use of the energy surpluses. Demcon already has significant experience with systems in the high-tech industry, and now wants to use it for the energy transition.

Hermans: “We look at the entire energy system as our playing field; from generation and storage to conversion and use. This allows ups to develop efficient decentralised solutions that cover the entire energy chain. We combine our system knowledge with our broad experience in mechatronics, in order to fully understand the energy processes. We want to understand what is happening so that we can build an optimal system.”

Clean energy carrier

In reality, this means that Demcon focuses on the hydrogen economy, among other things. Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier. Only water and electricity are released during “combustion”. Hydrogen can be produced in a sustainable way, with wind or solar energy. It can be used in fuel cells for electric cars, for example, and it may, in time, replace natural gas. Demcon produces electrolysers, among other things, which convert electricity into hydrogen. Hermans: “We focus on the heart of the electrolyser, the stack, where the electrolysis reaction takes place. 


A major theme within the energy transition is storage. The prices of raw materials are rising due to the strongly increasing demand for batteries and accumulators; there is even a threat of scarcity. Demcon energy systems will work on innovations in battery technology. We want to expand our chemical-physical competences even further for this”, says Hermans. “We are working on lithium-based batteries, for example, since they have a higher storage capacity than current ones. And we also see opportunities for innovative materials.”



Demcon recently invested in Flexiramics, a spin-off company from the University of Twente. Flexiramics has developed a new flexible and ceramic fibre material. This material can be used in a wide range of applications; from batteries and electronics to oil and gas filtration. Demcon is going to develop new production technologies for this, and they are working together with other parties to create high-quality batteries that can be used in the mobility sector.  
Some people ask Hermans if these plans are not overly ambitious, isn’t this something for the really big companies? Hermans: “I then say: that’s true, but you should not underestimate the amount of smart engineers we have. We have already shown our ability to quickly develop and implement creative solutions. When we set our minds to something, we will make it happen. An example of this is the breathing device we developed at the start of the corona crisis, the DemcAir; we quickly came up with an innovative respiratory solution for ICU patients. But of course, this is an adventure for us too. Fortunately, our leaders Dennis Schipper and Peter Rutgers are prepared to take on this challenge.”
Something else
In other words, Demcon energy systems relies on its own strengths, but also explicitly seeks partners to cooperate with. Hermans: “We have our own assembly line, but we are a design company at heart. A large factory is something else entirely. We contact organisations that can each cover a part of the energy chain, as well as companies that specialise in the serialised production of energy system components. Together, we can develop and successfully market innovations in the Netherlands and Europe and thus contribute to the energy transition.

Date: 1 March 2022 |

Source of tekst: DEMCON |

Author: Maaike Thüss

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