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The increasing technologization of the labour market demands more qualified technicians. To meet this demand and intensive collaboration between education, government and businesses is necessary. That is why Stork and HP Valves  from Hengelo signed an agreement to partner up in the Jet-Net context. Stork and HP Valves will develop sustainable activities with school in Twente to enthuse more youngsters about beta and technology.

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Jet-Net interest’s youngsters for a technical career

Jet-Net, the Youth and Technology Network Netherlands, is a partnership on both the national and regional level between businesses, educational institutes and the government. The purpose is to provide havo/vwo-pupils with a realistic image of technical professions and interest them for a beta-technical career. Around 60.000 pupils are reached annually by the activities set up by Jet-Net.

Successful DEMCON Jet-Net event

Also part of the Jet-Net cluster is  DEMCOM . On Wednesday March 15th, the company organised ‘Meet The Boss’. During the preliminary round of this debating competition the pupils of the Bonhoeffer College from Enschede and the Assink Lyceum from Haaksbergen competed each other by discussing three theses at the interface of technology and society.


Led by Nick Schoemaker from the Dutch Debating Institute the pupils debated each other on the theses ‘The only courses that should be offered are those in which jobs can be found’ and ‘Each semester, pupils should get at least 20 hours of lectures by speakers from technical companies’. In the end, a debate was held with ‘the Boss’ on the thesis ‘Drones with pepperspray should be equipped in nightlife districts’.


The other companies from Twente taking part in this Jet-Net Cluster are:  Aebi Schmidt, AkzoNobel, Ben & Jerrys, Demcon, PANalytical, Siemens, Thales, Urenco and VDL ETG.

Date: 20 March 2017 |

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