Kampus Rijssen: Tomorrow’s reality brought to school

Kampus is the place to be for innovative craftsmanship and appropriate vocational education. The first students moved to the striking building on Morsweg at the end of August. With Kampus, Twente has a unique Experience Centre where education, government and entrepreneurship come together and collaborate to attract and train tomorrow’s professionals.

“The idea arose from the need for more and better-trained professionals", says project manager Eugenie Herms-Knaap, who was involved in the construction and connecting the different parties. “Something had to be done to keep skilled workers in the region. The idea was to create a large knowledge centre to enthuse young people about construction, healthcare, infra or engineering early on. A place where young and old can learn new skills.”

Several parties joined forces and realised this vocational training centre by investing in a modern educational environment with the latest innovations. “This project is unique for this region. I like the guts of the initiators, who were not afraid to take this on together without knowing how things would turn out. We wanted to create an incredible place to attract students. It was not a worked-out idea, but these entrepreneurs and other parties believed in it."

Students and professionals

The steering committee that spent four years working together to realise this knowledge centre consisted of the municipality of Rijssen-Holten, ROC van Twente, Ter Steege Groep, REMO West Twente, Bouwmensen Rijssen and Zorggilde. Training Centre Transport and Logistics (OT&L) and InfraVak Holten were also involved from the start, and CSG Reggesteyn joined later.

They decided to extend the existing building in the front by 3,600 square metres, creating a total of 11,000 square metres for education. Eight hundred students and many professionals can now be found around Kampus. Workers visit the vocational training centre for retraining, further training or continued education. "We challenge entrepreneurs to use our centre to share the latest innovations and showcase their businesses”, says Maarten Scholten, who became manager of Kampus last April.

Experience Center

The heart of Kampus is the Experience Centre, perfect for lectures, workshops and networking. This multifunctional meeting place connects to many different places. "There is one shared restaurant where students, apprentices, professionals, teachers and other staff come together for breaks. This closeness and equality characterise this concept”, says Eugenie.


All parties come together under the same roof. The added value of Kampus is the cooperation where they benefit from each other’s expertise. “This can be done through cross-over training and by organising joint activities such as training fairs. Creating one continuous learning track and accelerating fast learners has also become easier.”

The knowledge centre now showcases vocational courses. “We want to show the youth what things they can choose from. Vocational students, MBO students and vocational business students are mixed, which brings today's and tomorrow's reality together at school”, according to Maarten.


It is up to the manager to liven up Kampus. “I am happy with Maarten’s arrival”, says Eugenie, whose job is now done. “It gives me confidence that it is getting the energy it deserves.”

In addition to operations, Maarten will be responsible for events. He will organise and facilitate activities. “We want to start next year by working out the seven technology fields. We will work together with all parties and elaborate on each theme. And there will be a grand opening, of course, sometime in mid-2023."

Date: 19 December 2022 |

Source of tekst: Kampus Rijssen |

Author: Jorinde Kuiper