Student ROC van Twente creates data platform COVIDpredict for hospitals in collaboration with Innovadis

Great initiatives emerge in times of crisis. The department of application development from the Gieterij locatie of the ROC van Twente is proud to also be contributing to the fight against the coronavirus. The website has been developed on behalf of the UMC in Amsterdam and the UMC+ in Maastricht. On this website, medical specialists share data from various hospitals in the Netherlands that can predict the clinical course of patients with COVID-19. They want to find the optimal treatment for patients in this way. 

In short

  • Remo Grado, a student from ROC van Twente, developed during his internship at Innovadis
  • Medical specialists share data on this website that can predict the clinical course of patients with COVID-19

Global Goal

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Healthcare and technology

Teachers and students from the ROC van Twente have brought technology and healthcare together in very quickly, with support of (internship) company Innovadis from Enschede. “Speed was an important aspect in taking on this assignment. And that fits in perfectly with our way of educating. We have educated our students using the scrum method for a few years, now. It means we can develop applications very quickly. One of our students, Remo Grado, recently obtained a bronze medal during Skills The Finals for application and media development. Together with Remo and IT (internship) company Innovadis, we managed to create this application in a short time. We expect the website to be up and running for quite some time. We want to use more IT students and companies in our network for maintaining and further developing the platform. The people working on this assignment are enthusiastic and energetic, and that is very nice to see. We are thinking about all the possibilities. We cannot help directly at the bedside as IT specialists, but we can still contribute in this way.”


Remo Grado put together most of the website while he was doing his internship at Innovadis. He was assisted by his internship supervisor Sander Roesink, a Full Stack developer at Innovadis. “I have benefited enormously from my internship at Innovadis. They taught me a lot about programming. I learnt most of the things you can see on at Innovadis”, says 19-year-old Remo.

ROC van Twente

In these unreal times, the focus within ROC van Twente is continuing to provide good education to students. At the same time, ROC van Twente feels a responsibility to contribute to society where possible. The development of this platform coincides with the ambitions of ROC van Twente and the Care and Technology department (a centre of expertise for practical research in the MBO) to conduct practical research into the application of technology in (long-term) care.  Read more about how the ROC brings technology to healthcare hereROC van Twente is proud that their teachers and students can contribute to the fight against the coronavirus in this way.

Date: 6 May 2020 |

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