Saxion starts with new Robotics Systems Engineering course

Robotics has become an integral part of our lives. We use it in our daily lives, but robots can also make positive contributions to healthcare, agriculture and many other industries. Robotics will play an increasingly important role in our lives. Saxion has started a new course because of the shortage of technical specialists in this field: Robotics Systems Engineering.

In short

  • Robotics is an integral part of our lives and will play an increasingly important role.
  • Saxion has started a new course because of the shortage of technical specialists: Robotics Systems Engineering.

Global Goal

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Insatiable market

Robotics is an insatiable market due to the many developments and applications in the field. It is one of Twente’s strong points, and they work on new solutions and innovations regarding robotics daily. There is still a shortage of technical specialists, especially now that the market is growing so rapidly. That is why Hogeschool Saxion started a new course: Robotics Systems Engineering.

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Close cooperation with the business community

Many companies in Twente work on the development of robotics. The Robotics Systems Engineering course has been set up in cooperation with the Twente business community. Companies like Riwo, Demcon, Voortman Steel Machinery and VIRO Engineering are involved with the course. These companies often train their specialists themselves at the moment. A disadvantage is that the employees only gain experience with one employer and cannot orient themselves more broadly.


Students from the University of Twente with a specialisation in ‘Robotics and Mechatronics’ will come up with the newest innovations in robotics, and students from Saxion will soon be able to apply them and bring them to the market.


The expectation is that around thirty students will start studying Robotics Systems Engineering in the new school year. They will be working on complex issues in robotics during their master’s and put it into practice after they finish studying.

Date: 26 July 2021 |

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