University of Twente

The University of Twente from entrepreneurial Enschede in Twente is a technical university, well settled on a green ‘smart campus’ which functions as a smart village with all services within reach. The knowledge institute forms a multicultural community of talented and progressive people who want to provide students, scientists and teachers from all over the world the best possible learning, working and living environment.

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Universiteit Twente
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
+31 (0)53 489 9111
High Tech Human Touch

In a rapidly changing world, the University of Twente wants to make a difference by solving ground-breaking complex problems, both socially and industrially. The university has long been a pioneer in connecting technology, science and engineering with social sciences. Through that combination, the University of Twente has contributed to numerous social changes, progress and innovation for over 50 years.

Prestigious faculties

The vivid campus has many prestigious faculties, such as the world-famous NanoLab, the creative DesignLab, and the progressive TechMed Centre. Besides, there are numerous faculties and linked parties with modern facilities, such as the ITC Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation and the Fraunhofer Project Centre for practical system solutions in the manufacturing industry. Locally, the university is linked with Kennispark Twente, one of the eight important innovation campuses in the Netherlands.

Pioneering in core technologies

This university handles social challenges with an engineering approach. This way, core technological and social scientific research are melted together into a systematic design process for industrial or social challenges. Core technologies in which the University of Twente pioneers are nanotechnology, biomedical technology, IT, robotics and geo-information sciences.

Personal teaching approach

By offering students an environment with a ‘student-driven learning approach’ and pragmatic team projects, they can develop themselves into real team players who can think outside of the box to discover and develop themselves. That approach also contributes to higher scores that the University of Twente gets in the field of valorisation. Until now, the university has helped create over a thousand start-ups and spin-off companies. This way, the knowledge institution is at the birth of multiple innovative forms of social and industrial connections and progression both inside and outside the Twente region.

Worldwide network

The University of Twente is both regionally and (inter)nationally a driving force in high-tech communities and sectors. This technical knowledge institution has strong ties in a wide range of industries and social domains, and participates in ground-breaking, worldwide networks and programs. This university maintains a strong global active network of more than 45.000 alumni.


Whether you are a future student, want to promote or are a professional who wants to develop yourself, the University of Twente offers scientific education for everyone.