It pays off to be yourself

For decades, globalisation has been the trend that causes differences between organisations, products and services and people to decrease. At the Diversity Day on 1 October 2019 the central theme is finding the balance between connecting with others to reach a stronger whole, and truly being yourself. Asito is an organisation with an inclusive corporate culture and participates in Diversity Day.

In short

  • We strive for a society that is committed to solidarity and respecting differences
  • Awareness is gained for societal diversity at Diversity Day. Asito is a co-initiator of Diversity Day Netherlands

Global Goal

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The workplace is changing

Globalisation; national borders are disappearing, in turn, increasing migration. Companies and their production, sales and communication operate increasingly internationally. The 24/7 economy, foreign employees finding a job in the Netherlands and vice versa, the sharply increased number of working women and the trend of switching jobs more and more often: all these factors are visibly and noticeable changing the workplace.


One would assume this is not a problem. However, practice often turns out differently. We are confronted with differences between us and others and often take them as starting points. However, instead of focusing on differences, we should focus on the similarities between us and others and accept them. We should use them to strengthen each other. The different types of people, talents and skills must be merged, and a balance must be found to work together successfully.

Asito: diversity is in our DNA!

Increasingly, we strive for a society that is committed to solidarity and respecting differences. At Diversity Day, everyone is encouraged to appreciate differences and to embrace everyone's unique talents ( This open mindset is expressed within Asito: everyone belongs, everyone deserves to be judged on his or her qualities, and everyone deserves a fair chance.

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Asito takes the initiative

To draw attention to diversity and to create awareness, Asito and a dozen other companies have taken the lead in making Diversity Day a success. Since 2011, Asito has been organising the yearly National Integration Dinner. At this dinner, people from different backgrounds cook for each other, eat together and talk to each other about their cultures. The goal is to visualise diversity in organisations. This year, Asito has chosen to organise the National Integration Dinner during Diversity Day. 

By taking the initiative, Asito is working towards a society in which everyone's unique talents are valued and utilised, regardless of gender, cultural origin, sexual orientation, age or capacity to work. Together the power of diversity is celebrated. Read more about diversity within Asito here.

About Diversity Day

The first Diversity Day in the Netherlands is organised on October 1, 2019. The motto: “It pays off to be yourself” (in Dutch: Jezelf Zijn Werkt). Diversity Day is a national holiday on which diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Companies and other parties organise activities to raise attention for diversity and to create awareness. Furthermore, knowledge about the benefits of diversity and inclusion is shared through website content, interviews and storytelling. Read more here.

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