B Corp Twente: Discovering new paths requires innovators.

We always look beyond just going from A to B


This statement is the first thing you will read on the website of ReintenInfra BV. It represents the company, as appears from interviews with Herman Reinten, owner of ReintenInfra, and with Maurice Beijk, Rentmeester2050 (Steward2050) at ReintenInfra. “We were one of the first companies in the sector and region that started using the Social Development Goals to make our sustainable ambitions more concrete”, says Maurice. “And not in a pretentious way, but focussed on concrete topics and results”, adds Herman. 

in short

  • Business models of companies can be used more and more to create social impact. 
  • That is why B Corp Twente was founded. A quality label for entrepreneurs who, in addition to profit, also take people, the environment and society as a starting point, and therefore have a meaningful business. 

Global Goal

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ReintenInfra’s route to a clean world is based on three pillars:
  • Conscious 2050. ReintenInfra’s vision. This pillar includes objectives such as contributing to biodiversity, working with the B Corp standard and using more bio-based materials;
  • Vital 2050. The people at ReintenInfra. This pillar has concrete objectives regarding employees: how many employees switch to green power in their private life, and how many employees participate in the fitness and cycle programs;
  • Clean 2050. Reality at ReintenInfra. This third pillar has targets such as sustainable procurement and the percentage of projects that prevents heat stress and reduces material emissions.
“Green takes action”

You can see how these goals are put into practice on www.rentmeester2050.nl. “This pillar structure connects the different organisations within ReintenInfra and ensures our ambitions are fulfilled. Our motto is “green takes action” for a reason!” says Maurice. “We use the B Corp system to continue building our policy and show that we are making good progress. For us, B Corp is a tool that allows us to show we are doing the right things,” adds Herman.

Management system for sustainability

“B Corp is a tool that goes beyond standards such as the ISO and VCA, in our experience. The B Corp standard exposes more”. Maurice adds: “B Corp is like a management system for sustainability.” Herman and Maurice are also critical of the standard because of its occasional American approach and the fact that compliance with the standard requires much documentation.

Initiating a decisive movement in collaboration with companies

Herman thinks the business community has an important role to play in the road towards a cleaner world. “To me, Unilever is a great example of a company that takes its role seriously by using less plastic and combating deforestation, for example. As a company, we take up our role in the sector by challenging each other both in and outside the organisation and doing better every day. We prefer collaborating with other companies to create a decisive movement, which is why we participate in B Corp Twente”, concludes Herman. 

About B Corp Twente

B Corp Twente is a quality label for entrepreneurs that assesses corporate social responsibility. There are over 2,750 “Benefit Corporations” worldwide, located in over 50 countries and spread over more than 130 industries. Saxion Conscious Business Lab and Eshuis Accountants and Advisors started BCorp Twente and focus on supporting entrepreneurs in Twente that want to give more meaning to their business in a circular way, focusing on people and society.

Date: 9 March 2021 |