Can this solution from Twente help us with going back to our offices safely?

How can we make physical participation in society workable and safe? The number of new corona infections is still decreasing. Still, we must remain cautious if we want to avoid a new wave. Fevr Detection, a company from Twente, wants to help with this. They have devised a system where entrance gates can be equipped with thermal cameras that can measure one’s body temperature. Want to know more? Read on below. 

In short

We are looking for ways to make safe physical participation possible, in our current 1.5-metre society
Most people that are infected with the coronavirus have a fever
Fevr Detection’s thermal cameras can measure one’s body temperature when entering a building

Global Goal

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Fevr Detection is a spin-off from Brandtechniek Nederland BV from Enschede. Brandtechniek Nederland, like so many other companies, ran into the problem that it was no longer possible to go to physical workplaces. “We work in nursing homes, office buildings and in the catering industry”, says Frank Karssies, director of Fevr Detection. “We noticed that when the coronavirus started, many companies and institutions where we normally carry out maintenance would now deny us access.” This got them thinking; how can we make sure that employees can return to their workplace safely? “And why not make this something big?”, says Frank. “Our employees are not the only ones that need this.”

Thermal cameras

Fevr Detection invented a system where entrance gates can be equipped with thermal cameras. These cameras measure a person’s body temperature to an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius. If it detects a fever in someone, access to the building will be denied. The metal gates themselves have been developed in collaboration with another company from Twente. These smart gates have been equipped with a light that turns green for no fever, and red for fever. Software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also been implemented. This software only measures the temperature of someone’s head, so that it will not be a problem if you walk through the gate with a hot cup of coffee, for example. The diversity of people that come through such a gate is also considered. It does not matter whether you are tall, in a wheelchair or walking with a scroller. Everyone is measured. You do not have to stop and wait with this system; you can walk through with groups at a time since the temperature is measured within a second. 


“This system is not a solution against corona, but it is a great tool for not getting people with a fever inside your company or building”, says Frank. It is not the ultimate solution that completely guarantees that corona infections can no longer take place. Still, it is a big step in the right direction. “Most people that are infected with corona have a fever, so you filter a lot of them out. The system cannot guarantee that no one can enter the building if they have corona, only that no one with a fever does. When someone gets a “red light”, their situation is looked at individually. Has he or she been sitting in the sun? Then cool down a bit and try again later.”

Date: 10 June 2020 |

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