Homey goes north!

Athom, the company from Twente, that had its first success through Kickstarter and has, in the meantime, taken up business with the Media Markt, seems unstoppable! Since March 31st, their Homey, the systems that connects all your devices, is available in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. This is the first international step the company has taken, with the ambition to service the main part of Western-Europe by the end of the year.

global goal icon

global goal icon

“We have strict launching policies per country, in order for us to be able to guarantee availability, information and compatibility”, says Stefan Witkamp, commercial director of the company. “Because we launch the product per country, we can make sure that Homey also works well with devices that are popular in that particular country”, explains Emile Nijssen, creative director at Athom. In this context we are integrating, amongst others, the Hive Thermostat, Amazon Echo, LightWaveRF, Sartano and Nexa. “This way, we enable everyone to use Homey together with the devices you already have, know and like.”

About Athom

Athom was founded at the beginning of 2014, by Emile Nijssen and Stefan Witkamp. In the meantime, Athom has grown into a team of 15 professionals that work on the development and realization of Homey. With Homey, the company wants to connect all in-house devices and makes them easy to operate for everyone.

Where to buy it?

In the Netherlands, Homey is available is several shops, amongst which Media Markt, iCentre and Ivizi, and online specialists such as ROBBshop and Domotica-shop. In the United Kingdom, Homey is sold through Vesternet, and Athom has found a partner in Amazon Launchpad. Tronika, ioteksperten and Proshop will put Homey on offer through Biggerthings.io as distributor. Homey is also available in all countries through www.athom.com.

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Date: 5 April 2017 |

Author: Twente.com