Hospital Go!

Interesting and smart ideas for the future during Create Tomorrow

Hundreds of students were working on future scenarios during Create Tomorrow last Wednesday. They came up with solutions for various issues in the field of “healthcare” (global goal 3), “industries, innovation and infrastructure” (global goal 9), “clean energy” (global goal 7) and “sustainable cities and communities” (global goal 11). Why would we worry about what tomorrow will bring, when we can think about our future today and implement new ideas tomorrow?

In short

  • Students are challenged to work on future scenarios during Create Tomorrow
  • Hospital Go, Create Tomorrow’s winning idea, is an app that allows patients to be linked to a digital pet. Healthcare will remain affordable in the future using Hospital Go.

Global Goal

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Hospital Go!

An app with which (elderly) patients can be linked to a digital pet. That was the winning idea of Create Tomorrow and an answer to a question from MST: “How can we keep healthcare affordable in the future through the use of technology?”


The app reminds the patient to take their medication and about other daily activities such as exercising, eating and drinking water. A patient’s social circle can gain access to the app so they can see how things are going. A student will be linked to the patient if there are no relatives or neighbours. Healthcare providers can also receive information about the health of the patient.


The jury chose this idea as the winning concept. In the words of jury head Nico Nijenhuis: “Because this solution can be used over three generations; for your grandparents, your parents, and yourself.”

Bridge Building Blocks

Choosing just one winner was difficult. It was very close between two of the teams. That is why the jury wanted to put the second-best team in the spotlights as well. Team Huize Heilige Hubertus received an honourable mention for their solution to the Rijkswaterstaat case: “How can we build circular bridges and viaducts?” The team came up with Bridge Building Blocks as a solution, which they compare to Lego or K’nex. “Reusing History for Future Connection”, as they call it themselves.


Ideas and solutions that really have an impact have come about thanks to this renewed form of Create Tomorrow. Create Tomorrow has great potential to grow into a platform where students and companies regularly work together on the business of tomorrow.

Date: 5 May 2019 |

Source of tekst: Create Tomorrow |