Proptech-company Skepp from Twente takes off in Belgium and Germany

SKEPP started out as online broker in office space in the Netherlands at the end of 2013, and in the meantime, they have evolved into a proptech-company. Now that SKEPP has become a household name in Dutch office space-market, the company will expand to Belgium as of June. Later this year, the concept will also move to Germany. The company, originally from Twente, will then be active in three countries. 

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SKEPP starts in Belgium in June and in Germany in September

As of June, the company will commence business in Belgium. Initially, it will focus predominantly on the Dutch-speaking part of the country. The take-off of SKEPP Belgium will be in the hands of Mart de Vos, who currently takes care of the acquisition for SKEPP of new offices throughout the Netherlands. De Vos, 24 years old and currently living in Weerselo, Twente, will start as Sales & Content Specialist Belgium. At first, he will manage both the sales as well as the content duties.


After the start in Belgium, SKEPP will also become active in Germany as of September this year. To set up the concept in Germany, SKEPP is looking for a Sales & Content Specialist Germany. It will a person with German nationality, who, moreover, speaks Dutch well, is sales driven and has superior commercial skills.

SSKEPP works for 1250 offices and 350 proprietors in the Netherlands

SKEPP is a company originally from Twente, that for almost four years has brought companies into contact with office space-proprietors through the website In October 2016, SKEPP has taken over the company Launchdesk. This company helps SME’s and freelancers in renting office space, especially in the larger cities in the west of the country. After both platforms have merged, real estate knowledge and the development strategy have been brought together. Something that has resulted in a very well-functioning combination.


Both platforms work for 1250 offices in the Netherlands in total and more than 350 proprietors of office space. Through the acquisition of Launchdesk, it now also takes care of administration, finance, documentation and the start of a potential collection process, for the proprietors. SKEPP now provides this service for more than 75 proprietors in the Netherlands.  Something that fuelled the development into a proptech-company.

Growing company working to alleviate office space-proprietors

This development has resulted in the growth of four into twenty employees in just one year. There are, also, always multiple vacancies with the company which leads to further growth. The real estate related enterprise is currently working on the development of systems that further alleviate proprietors.

Date: 30 May 2017 |

Source of tekst: SKEPP |


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