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At the KOP 500 Business Event in Deventer, the plans for an empty university campus building have been presented. The building will be being transformed by the University of Twente, Asito, Cisco, Restructuring Company Overijssel (HMO), Novel-T and BLOC into an innovation centre that connects the academic and entrepreneurial world. A dynamic and open environment where students, academics and companies (corporates, start-ups, SMEs) will develop solutions for the societal challenges of the future.

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In short

  • The Gallery currently accommodates a many beautiful and innovative start-ups and spin-offs from Twente
  • The Gallery will be expanded by 2020 to offer more space for entrepreneurs

Global Goal

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Innovation and community driven

The Gallery is a large complex at the entrance to the campus of the University of Twente. The first part of The Gallery has already been transformed into an "ecosystem" in which start-ups can accelerate their business. The University of Twente, Asito, Cisco, HMO, Novel-T and BLOC are joining forces for Phase 2, the vacant complex at the entrance of the campus. Together, the parties will set up innovation programs in the near future, linked to the university's "High Tech, Human Touch" slogan. The aim of these programs is for companies, students and academics to jointly develop, test and apply solutions for major societal challenges, making use of the exponential growth of technological opportunities. The Gallery Phase 2 is set up in such a way that it fully supports innovation processes. For example, there will be spaces for "ideation", boot camps, concept development, prototyping and business development. Also, there will be large, open spaces for conferences, lectures, workshops, "hangouts", a coffee bar and terraces. Moreover, the environment should through flexibility be able to change with the needs of users constantly. The users are supported in this by a serviceable digital infrastructure and an extensive service package from which they can choose what they need. The companies, students and academics participating in the innovation programs all become "members" of The Gallery. Being a member means not only contributing to the innovation-programs but also taking care the organisation. Members become the temporary owners of their innovation environment. 

Circularity Center Twente

The development of the complex is an innovation program in itself. Based on the ambition to contribute to the circular economy, the partners want to make The Gallery Phase 2 the Circularity Center Twente. As many materials will be reused. The complex will be stripped and new elements, such as stairs and façade parts, are printed using demolition materials. Everything is designed and developed for reuse. 


New circular business models are developed and applied based on practical experience. Part of that approach is to develop the complex as a "Building as a Service", meaning that not only facilities such as light, energy and heat are supplied as a service, but also the interior, the installations and the (energy-supplying) facades. When The Gallery Phase 2 opens in 2020, it must be fully self-sufficient in areas such as food and energy. The plans for the Circularity Center were presented to deputy Eddy van Hijum during the KOP 500 event.

Smart solutions from Twente for global challenges

from Twente that contribute to solving global challenges. For instance, Odin Groep’s office runs on 100% renewable energy, Vivera developed a veggie steakmilk is used to heat houses, Green Team Twente develops a hydrogen car, and a 20-hectare solar field emerged at Twence. The Gallery 2 will contribute to a better future because of its circular design and by catalysing ideas that tackle global challenges.

Start. Now.

The Gallery 2 will open in 2020, but innovation projects already start now. The University of TwenteAsito, Cisco, HMO, Novel-T and BLOC want to collaborate with companies and institutions that can contribute to the circular development of the complex. Sign up at


The Gallery Fase 2 wordt in 2020 geopend. Maar het innovatieprogramma is al open. De Universiteit Twente, Asito, Cisco, HMO, Novel-T en BLOC willen daarbij samenwerken met bedrijven en instituten die een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan de circulaire ontwikkeling van het complex. Aanmelden kan via .

Date: 18 October 2018 |

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