Bouman Industries from Twente wants to conquer the Asian Market

PPM Oost invests in Bouman Industries from Almelo to reinforce development and employment.


Bouman Industries has ambitious plans to conquer the Asian market with its innovative CO2-capture installation and water separation systems. Regional Venture Capital Company PPM Oost invests in Bouman Industries from Almelo to reinforce the growth of the company and subsequently the employment opportunities. Bouman Industries, by origin is a supplier for the Dutch and German manufacturing industry, that also develops innovative machines and devices focused on sustainability and a cleaner environment.

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PPM Oost-managing director Marius Prins thinks Bouman Industries is an exemplary company in the region. “Bouman has not only been a stable and large employer in the region for many years that supplies large multinationals. At Bouman they also value the importance of innovation. It is impressive to see the way in which Bouman is steadily growing in Asia. We are proud that through the investment in Bouman we can contribute to growth and innovation in the Twente region.


Wilco van Wijck, managing director at Bouman Industries, says his company is able to take the company to the next level because of the investment by PPM Oost: “There is a lot of international pressure to solve environmental problems related to the air and water. We have the required technology and knowledge here to do so. Because of the investment of PPM Oost we now have the finances to do so. We have some wonderful equipment at our disposal.”


Eddy van Hijum, Deputy Economy, Province of Overijssel: “During the economic mission to China at the end of 2016, I have seen with my own eyes how interested the country is in the possibilities that Bouman offers to the manufacturing industry. With this financial support, the company can further develop itself on that challenging market.”

Supplier for the manufacturing industry

Bouman Industries by origin is a supplier for the Dutch and German manufacturing industry. With over seventy employees, Bouman is large employer in Twente. The company predominantly supplies products to multinationals in the aviation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industries. Well-known customers include parties such as ASML, Fokker, Thales, Urenco, PPG and Akzo Nobel. In recent years, Bouman Industries has specialised in the development of solutions that stimulate sustainability. One of the eye-catching projects by Bouman Industries is the CO2-capturing installation at Twence, the waste treatment company in Twente. By capturing CO2 and transforming it into sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) this sustainability project is financially healthy.


PPM Oost

PPM Oost, the regional venture capital company by Oost NV is the regional venture investor in East-Netherlands. It offers the financing needed as well as its network, knowledge and know-how to entrepreneurs in High Tech, Life Tech, Cleantech & Energy and in addition, also invests in market funds. Alongside investments, Oost NV also helps entrepreneurs with innovation, globalisation and (company)infrastructure.

Date: 23 February 2017 |

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