Entrepreneurs from Twente have aligned dreams and ambitions

"Imagine the Future" was the theme of the first edition of the Groene Loper, the joint BBQ of Ondernemend Twente (Entrepreneurial Twente). Entrepreneurs that want to change the world shared their dreams and ambitions on stage. Their message: dare to dream and pursue ambitions!

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  • Entrepreneurs share their dreams and ambitions at the Groene Loper 2019

Global Goal

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Entrepreneurs with a mission

Three entrepreneurs shared their dreams and ambitions at the first edition of the Groene Loper: Lisette Bosch (Twente Milieu), Karel Kloeze (BrandYourMerch) and Hans ter Steege (Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed). Nico Nijenhuis, known from the Robobird, moderated the event. He guided the audience through the stories of the three entrepreneurs and their inspiring ways of making a difference.

Dot on the horizon

Lisette Bosch, Karel Kloeze and Hans ter Steege are an example for the many entrepreneurs from Twente who show that entrepreneurship can well be combined with a sustainable mission.


Lisette Bosch has been the director of Twente Milieu since 2015 and has the ambition to improve chain integration. Shared containers, soap made of oranges, GreenDome, solar panels and CO2 reduction are examples of how Twente Milieu strives for chain integration. “I want to continue to work with young people in the future and continue to support meaningful initiatives. Trashpacker Tijmen Sissing is one of my examples,” says Lisette Bosch.


Karel Kloeze owns Brand Your Merch together with his partner Bas Dijkhuis. The duo develops merchandise for popular DJs. With Brand Your Merch they won the tenth edition of the Saxion Entrepreneurial Award this year. They have now contracted six well-known DJs. “Our dream is to be the go-to international branding partner, that we are at the basis of the success of many artists and finally, from many offices around the world, that we bring fans and artists closer together,” says Karel Kloeze.


Hans ter Steege is the director of the eponymous family business that was founded in 1911 by the great-grandfather of Hans. Sustainability is of great importance to Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed. The company has the ambition to further expand its sustainability expertise, as developments in the field are slow. Hans is determined to make the difference in the construction sector, as this is his personal mission. As an example, his company is constructing seven fully circular homes as a pilot project.

Groene Loper

De Groene Loper is a joint initiative of the business organisations in Twente. Similar to the Rode Loper, the New Year’s reception where all entrepreneurs in Twente meet at the beginning of the new year and highlight achievements, the Groene Loper is the summer barbeque where entrepreneurs connect and get inspired by sharing dreams and ambitions. The first edition of the Groene Loper took place at Herberg de Pol in Diepenheim, the cultural centre in the middle of the Hof van Twente. The theme and location for the next edition of the Groene Loper will be announced early next year.

Date: 27 June 2019 |

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