Kennispark Twente becomes Novel-T

Enschede, Thursday 2 March 2017 – As of today, Novel-T (formerly Stichting Kennispark Twente) will greatly expand its ambitions. Novel-T and its founders – the University of TwenteSaxionEnschede Municipality, ‘Regio Twente’ and Overijssel Province have set themselves the target of becoming the best performing ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

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Innovation and investment

The new strategy is geared towards generating additional clout, a strong brand and a more international profile. “We are expanding our strong position further. That requires continuous innovation and investment”, according to Kees Eijkel, Director of Kennispark Twente. “Novel-T is developing the existing ecosystem further with the objective of even more starters, companies and international investors discovering the power of the Eastern Netherlands. That way, Novel-T stimulates high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship and contributes to the growth of the regional economy and job creation.”

Creating new opportunities

“Changing tomorrow’s economy, that is our credo”, explains Associate Director Pieter Dillingh. “We encourage entrepreneurs in the high-tech industry to become game changers. Novel-T connects high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship with all the requisite knowledge, talent, capital, infrastructure and networks. In addition, we are focusing more on Twente’s unique position of knowledge in the field of Smart Materials, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Robotics and Big Data (The Internet of Things). That offers plenty of opportunities for the economy of tomorrow.”

Novel-T as a distinctive brand

The new name Novel-T is directly associated with innovation. Novel means new and rediscovered. The T stands for Twente, as well as Technology, Tomorrow, Talent and one of the core values, Together! The new strategy and new name will improve our visibility regionally, nationally and internationally. The name change also makes a better distinction between the organisation and the area. The physical innovation campus in Enschede, which will receive an enormous boost from 2017, will retain the Kennispark name.

Catalyst for the regional economy

Novel-T has been innovating the economy of tomorrow for 10 years already. In doing so, it utilises the Twente region’s own distinguishing power and the unique partnership between the regional government, companies and knowledge institute in the Eastern Netherlands. The result? Approximately 11,000 new jobs, over 2,200 start-ups with the potential to develop into international players and an ecosystem that actively supports entrepreneurs and helps them grow through innovation. With, amongst others, field labs, open innovation centres, innovation projects and networking events, we work with companies such as Thales, TenCate, Philips and Boeing. In addition, we support start-ups and scale-ups like 4Silence, Clear Flight Solutions, Scisports, Triboform, Undagrid, Kite Robotics, Eurekite, Athom, Tide Microfluidics and Lipocoat.

Entrepreneurial high-tech region

Twente is the ultimate high-tech region in the Netherlands with over 1,200 companies and approximately 28,000 staff in the technology sector, and with 28,000 students and 5,900 staff connected to the University of Twente and Saxion. In Europe, Twente is known as an expert in the field of new technology. The High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) sector has developed significantly in Twente thanks in part to the interplay between entrepreneurship, the University of Twente and Saxion. In 2015, the University of Twente was declared the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands in respect of commercialisation, with spin- offs such as, Demcon, Xsens, Micronit and Saxion is an expert in the field of living technology and counts well-known names such as Drukwerkdeal, Prescan, Solar Freezer, Switch IT Solutions and EW Facility Services amongst its spin-offs.


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