Working from home? Business as usual!

Twente company IC Solutions have been offering remote working solutions for years. Their work has never been more relevant than it is right now. Because of the coronavirus, many people are working from home. The IC Solutions system easily facilitates this: customers that used to log on at work, simply do this at home now. IC Solutions’ service, which is independent of both device and location, responds to this effortlessly. 

In short

  • Many companies are currently dependent on working from home due to the corona crisis
  • Twente company IC Solutions provides online workplaces, making working from home easy

Global Goal

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Working remotely

IT company IC Solutions from Twente provides online workspaces. Making working remotely possible is crucial now that large groups of people are working from home. Other types of questions may come their way now, but the existing companies were already accustomed to working online. Customers that used to log into IC Solution’s system at work, now simply do this at home. “We independent of device and location. We have been facilitating working from home for a long time. We provide our services to SMEs, healthcare and semi-government agencies”, says Dennis Doeve, founder of IC Solutions from Enschede. 

Caring for the people around us

Dennis would also like to contribute during this crisis. “That is part of our Twente mentality. We like to take care of the people around us. We have said that if there are people who suddenly have to make video calls to patients while they are not prepared for this, we will facilitate this free of charge. We have now done this for a group of speech therapists. I just think you should help whenever you can.”

Vital sectors

The company also ensures that they have sufficient overcapacity. The service for their customers, including companies in vital sectors such as healthcare, will be guaranteed even under exceptional circumstances. The company is easily accessible in the event of a malfunction, and it is possible to provide solutions quickly. “That is the advantage of being a member of a local, smaller party. If Microsoft or Google have a malfunction, for example, it is much more difficult to get help.” IC Solutions are well prepared for any situation, which is, of course, important to keep the companies, which are so dependent on it now, running. 

Date: 8 April 2020 |

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