Extra hygiene where we do still meet

Hecla, a company of PCI Nederland, one of the developers of the Hygiepole. 


Ever since the 19th century, people have realised that hygiene is important in preventing the spread of diseases. That awareness is ever-increasing during this corona crisis. 

We hope to suppress the coronavirus by washing our hands regularly and, of course, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters. Because we still encounter many people when taking care of our basic needs, more hygiene measures have been taken at those places. The Hygiepole, a product of Hecla from Hengelo, which has been part of PCI Nederland since the summer of 2019, now ensures that people in supermarkets pay more attention to hygiene there, too.  

In short

  • The realisation that good hygiene is necessary for suppressing the coronavirus is there
  • Innovative hygiene applications are being implemented in places where we do still meat, such as supermarkets
  • The Hygiepole is a pillar that combines hygiene, information and safety

Global Goal

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The coronavirus mainly spreads through coughing and sneezing. However, the virus is also transmissible through surfaces. A recent study from America shows that the coronavirus can survive from hours to days on certain surfaces. According to the RIVM, the chance of infection by touching items is small, but present. Supermarket owners are investigating the precautions they can take to improve hygiene. 

Cleaning it yourself

In the Netherlands, 81% of shopping carts are seriously bacteriologically contaminated. Especially at times like these, every customer would like to be able to use a clean shopping cart, basket and scanner. We do not get the guarantee that the materials are virus-free, so we prefer to clean the items ourselves. 


The Hygiepole offers supermarket customers this option. It is a digital pillar positioned at the entrance of the supermarket. The Hygiepole consists of a dispenser for disinfectant cleaning wipes or spray, with which hands or handles can be cleaned immediately. The digital screen above the dispenser explains how to apply hygiene rules in the best way possible. Hecla came up with this LCD screen application for the Hygiepole.

Health and safety first

Hygiepole also has other possibilities to attract attention. For example, there is a version with an attached AED. As soon as the AED is picked up, the hygiene pole automatically sends a message to the ambulance service. Another option is connecting the pillar to a service such as Amber Alert. This can save human lives and brings hygiene, safety and the media together. The multifunctionality of the Hygiepole is now further developed. 

Sustainable and environment-conscious

The Hygiepole has a circular design and is fully made from reusable raw materials. After its life, the Hygiepole can be completely disassembled and 100% recycled. The cleaning cloths and paper waste bags of the Hygiepole are FCS-certified and are recycled with other wastepaper. 

Date: 2 April 2020 |

Source of tekst: Twente.com |

Author: Twente.com