Stimmt: ‘Sleek technology and kick-ass design’

Internet agency Velten Media from Hengelo will change their name to Stimmt after more than 10 years. Nick Velten, the founder of the agency, explains: “Our culture and passion never changed, but everything else did. New customers, new people, more experience. Looking at where we are now, a change of name and a fitting appearance was about time.”

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In short

  • Velten Media grew in the past years by doing what they like. Now it is time to act more from a set strategy.
  • Velten Media is now Stimmt: “Sleek technology and kick-ass design”

Global Goal

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Structure, technology and design

The new name was chosen carefully, says Nick: “Customers see us as a party that delivers quality and works in a very structured way. What we do and make is right in every aspect. That’s why we chose Stimmt, because that means “right” or “correct”. By using a German word, we truly seek the edge of how far we can go. Our new design reinforces just that: energetic, present and enthusiastic. Exactly like we are, both personally and in terms of delivered work.”

Digital awesomeness

Experience is essential in everything that Stimmt does. “Our added value lies in combining sleek technology with kick-ass design. We call this ‘digital awesomeness’, it truly is the ultimate digital brand experience. When we launch an online platform, it should be in line with the experiences that customers have with the brand, whether it is a company, festival, product or artist. Technology and design are only supportive.


“We grew by just doing what we liked”


Danny de Wit has been in charge of the day-to-day management of the agency since last year. “The agency has developed organically so far. We grew by just doing what we liked. What we did, we did well. We have always had a very critical attitude towards our quality. We became a mature agency with fifteen professionals and a second office in Amsterdam. The non-committal attitude is a thing of the past. It is time to work more from a strategy. The rebranding is a logical step that prepares for the future.” 


The agency is ambitious, says Danny: “We want to grow in size in the coming years. That is why we pay a lot of attention to attracting and developing upcoming talent. I think we offer an idea work and learning environment to young designers and developers.”

Set goals and develop continuously

Stimmt has around 150 customers. Among them are Nedap, Van Merksteijn, Freshtival, Buurtzorg, Sigmax, Switch en Sam Feldt. Digitisation in the service industry changed a lot in recent years, says Nick. “Launching a website is not the goal. Instead, now it is just the start. You need to develop continuously, set goals and adjust along the way. For us, this may mean working for fewer customers, but also more intensive and long-term relationships. As a digital agency, we truly want to help customers achieve their goals, and that is what we are focused on.”


Official new company name: Stimmt Digital B.V.


Date: 1 February 2019 |

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