Ecare supports healthcare customers with smart solutions

Ecare in Twente uses smart solutions to facilitate organisations in nursing homes, home care, and care for the disabled. These sectors are struggling during the corona crisis. Because of all the measures that have to be taken, but also because they bear a great responsibility. Some clients are among the risk groups and are, therefore, very vulnerable to the virus. Ecare would like to give their customers an extra helping hand. Among other things, the company has implemented a triage tool in their software. Also, it organises webinars to help healthcare clients with working online.

In short

  • Ecare facilitates smart and simple solutions for nursing care, home care and care for the disabled
  • The healthcare sector is struggling during the corona crisis
  • Ecare is implementing aids in their software and is helping customers with working online and applying for subsidies

Global Goal

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Ecare from Enschede develops software for nursing home care, home care, and care for the disabled. This company, too, needed to adapt to the new situation. It assists customers as much as possible during this difficult time. They added a new instrument to their software for home and residential care that helps with Covid-19 triage: ‘PUUR.’. “A big part of our customers work in home and nursing care, and they take care of many clients every day. Many of them belong to the risk group for the virus. A good triage, specifically aimed at Covid-19 patients, is therefore critical!” 


Triage is the assessment of symptoms or injuries to groups of people. The goal is determining the urgency of a request for help. Ecare’s tool consists of a questionnaire that the healthcare worker can fill in, and it will lead to the best plan of action. “It is available in our software, but this new tool is also available via, where everyone, even those that do not work with PUUR., can use the tool.


In addition, Ecare has organised webinars in which they explain the possibilities of working from home. These sessions have been a great success, says Sabrina, an all-round marketeer at Ecare. They are also helping organisations with applying for grants that the government now offers due to the crisis. Ecare-employees are doing everything in their power to contribute during the crisis. For example, employees that have a care background are ready to assist in the healthcare sector should this prove necessary.

Date: 15 April 2020 |

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