Marjolein has a heart for technicians and found the perfect job at Nedap

Marjolein Evers is a corporate recruiter at Nedap, a company that employs around 800 people. Marjolein is responsible for recruiting technical intermediates and seniors. This means she is in contact with, among others, software and hardware developers and data scientists who might join Nedap daily. She has a heart for technicians. “They are passionate people with a high level of education, and they add something to our company.”

In short

  • Marjolein Evers, a corporate recruiter at Nedap, looks for the best matches between Nedap and enthusiastic technical professionals daily.
  • She has a heart for technicians. “They are passionate people with a high level of education, and they add something to our company.”
  • Marjolein came back to the East for the space and the people.

Global Goal

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Freedom of movement

“We are active in seven markets including healthcare, agriculture and retail”, says Marjolein, who has been working at Nedap since November last year. “The great thing about our work, developing high-quality hardware and software products, is that we deliver socially relevant products.” By this, she means, for example, a technology developed by Nedap that allows livestock farmers to monitor the behaviour of their animals. The technology ensures that the animals can be cared for based on their individual needs. This increases the farmer’s rate of return and improves animal welfare. Another example is a software application from Nedap Healthcare, which ensures that family members can read a patient’s medical file in real-time, if they wish. For example, the son at work can see how his father did that day and what was discussed with doctors and home care.”

Personal responsibility

“We notice that many technical people look for jobs that contribute to society. This, combined with the way we work, means that highly skilled technical people like working for us.” Marjolein explains that there is little hierarchy at the company from Groenlo. “Every opinion matters; if you have a good idea and if you can back it up with the right arguments, there will always be space to develop it further. A different example: we do not keep track of holidays or hours. We trust each other here. “This degree of freedom is nice for a lot of people, but it does not suit everyone”, says Marjolein. “We are looking for the ‘type of entrepreneur’ with a sense of responsibility.” So when we hire someone, this way of working must suit them. It is not just about their technical skills. They must fit in with the team and the organisation, too.”

Qualitative matches

Is this possible in a time when technically trained people have so many jobs to choose from and many companies suffer from shortages? “Very much so”, says Marjolein, who points out that she looks for the right candidates. “I always go for qualitative matches. That may mean that vacancies are open a little longer, but we always find the right person in the end.”

Back for the space and the people

Marjolein enjoys living and working in the East. She grew up in the Achterhoek, studied in Groningen and lived in Utrecht, but she likes the type of people that live here and thus moved back to the region in 2020. “People are down-to-earth, and that appeals to me. I also like that everyone is equal. Everyone can be easily approached and, whether you’ve just graduated or have a lot of experience, your opinions and ideas matter just as much as anyone else’s. That is what I like about the East, and also about Nedap.


I would like for my two sons, aged 1.5 and 4, to have the same happy childhood that I had in this wonderful environment. It is great to work and live here with my family.”

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