USE System Engineering invests in students

USE System Engineering  is all about solving technical problems smartly and effectively. They seek the required skills and talents in students, their future employees. That is why USE invests time and money in the training of students. That way, students can discover that technology is exciting. “A good example is that we supported three pre-university education students (around 15 years old) in their research into making a feasible prototype for a Maglev (magnetic levitation) train”, says director Hans van der Kuil.

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In short

  • USE System Engineering seeks required skills and talents in students
  • Educating students with both generic and specialist knowledge

Global Goal

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Arouse interest

Good education is important. By investing in students, it is possible to arouse interest in technology. Students can this way choose to study technology, and with it, contribute to a better world.

Sufficient theoretical knowledge

USE System Engineering believes it’s important for their (future) employees to have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge. Changes in the education system have led to USE noticing that UT students gain more generic knowledge over a healthy mix of generic and specialist knowledge. “By supporting school projects, we want to share our knowledge of applied mathematics, physics, optics and mechatronics. We did the same thing for the students mentioned above: Bas van der Zande, Mart van der Kuil and Shoerd van Kerkhof. They study a “Nature and Technology” set of courses at their pre-university education in Hengelo.”

Need for multidisciplinary employees

Hans van der Kuil: “We welcome project-based working in education. Chemistry and electrical engineering came together in the project of the three students in the same way it daily does at our company. We need employees with a multidisciplinary way of thinking and working. Just like the three students did: practically combining chemistry, mathematics and electrical engineering into a prototype of the maglev train.”

Useful tips

Bas and Mart are enthusiastic about the feedback that was given by USE System Engineering. “Hans provided us with useful tips that boosted both the research and the development of the prototype. He also advised on the way forward, on how to further develop this concept to a market-ready product.” The work environment at USE System Engineering inspired Bas. “It’s really cool how they work with technology. I can totally imagine myself being a project manager here!”, says Bas, smiling. He will study civil engineering at the UT after finishing his current education.

Learning by doing at USE System Engineering

In collaboration with the University of Twente  USE System Engineering is developing a traineeship that focusses on the required technical and social skills at the company. While this traineeship is still in development, students can already choose to do their graduation assignment at USE System Engineering. Graduating students learn the intricacies of the following subject areas: project management, system design, system analysis, power electronics and domain conversion.

Date: 9 June 2018 |

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