"Low-educated is not a term that belongs to MBO"

Emma de Nooij (19) from Oldenzaal will carry the title Mbo Uitblinker for a whole year and will take part on behalf of ROC van Twente in the national election Mbo'ers Pakken Aan, where the national ambassador of the mbo is chosen. "I want to show that a lot really is possible if you have studied at the mbo," she says.

In short:

  • Emma de Nooij has been elected Mbo Uitblinker at ROC van Twente and will soon represent the region in the national battle for mbo talent.

Global Goal

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Why are you participating in this election?

"I had entered myself because I would really like to show students and future students that there really are a lot of possibilities in MBO. I myself, after getting my BBL diploma, enrolled in the Media Editing course at the ROC van Twente, a programme at level 4 - higher than my previous education. I knew this wasn't actually possible, but I was bold. I saw this course and it was right up my street and I just wanted to try it. Of course, I was informed that it was not possible and many conversations with the ROC and my parents followed. At one point they decided that I could enter at level 2 for a year. After that year, I made the switch to the Media Editing course at level 4 and now I am in my final year."


Were you surprised when you won?
"I didn't expect it. I had super strong competition. Both fellow nominees, like me, stand for something. I felt we were evenly matched. When I won, I was a bit gutted."

And now on to the national final.

"Yes, very cool! On Monday I'll hear what's in store for me and whether I get to prepare for anything. My goal in the national final, besides winning, is of course to enjoy the experience, meet a lot of people."


But what are you hoping for?
"That I win of course! I think the coolest thing would be to get to talk to the Minister of Education and then let him know that I think it's really weird that they keep talking about low-educated when it comes to mbo. Low-educated is not a term that belongs to the mbo, we are practically educated. We are just as talented as people at college or university. I would like to show other mbo graduates that sometimes obstacles may come your way, but there is always a way to show your talent."

You are a final year student at the ROC. What will you do after that?

"I really want to become a presenter. For instance, I look up to people like Eva Jinek, but also Chantal Janzen and Tim Hofman. For immediately after my studies, that is probably still over ambitious, but I am working towards it. For example, I will probably register for an associate degree in hbo, but I have already registered with the Chamber of Commerce, so that I can be employed as a day chairperson and presenter on a freelance basis."


About Mbo Uitblinker
Every year, ROC van Twente nominates three students for the Mbo Uitblinker election. These are students who perform exceptionally well during their studies. Wednesday afternoon, 30 November, the finals took place in De Gieterij of ROC van Twente in Hengelo. Besides Emma, Media Design student Jesse Wissink (17) from Markelo and Legal Administrative Services student Jennyca Herik (18) from Enschede were also nominated. After weeks of campaigning, the nominees pitched to a professional jury why they want to represent the mbo. The jury chose Emma as the winner "because she shows guts and an enormous drive that you need on a national stage".


Date: 1 December 2022 |

Source of tekst: ROC van Twente |

Author: Wendy Kloezeman

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