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If there is one thing that Snowden’s disclosures and the several different hacks of cloud-services in the past years have shown us, it is that inside the cloud there are always other parties that have access to your information. Besides the fact that service providers can observe and the backdoors that governments have, these kinds of central storage points are also an ideal target for hackers and company spies.

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Protection and privacy

An application by high-tech company Storro from Twente has found a solution for that problem. The company offers protection and privacy through a combination of compartmentalization, encryption and decentralization. In short it entails that your file goes into a safe, then the safe is cut into lots of small pieces and subsequently, every little piece is stored separately on a network of locations that you trust. Because collaboration has to be easy and fast but should never endanger security and privacy.

‘Dropbox’ way of thinking

Storro is a peer-to-peer, private blockchain application with which secure cooperative environment can easily be created. This is a significant breach with the current ‘Dropbox’ way of thinking, in which people just give their sensitive files to all kinds of (foreign) external parties, while the number of incidents at these kinds of service providers is increasing substantially. Thanks to Storro’s groundbreaking technology, people hold power over the information themselves and, at the same time, can rely on the idea that this information can only be reached by those it is meant for. In combination with an automated end-to-end encryption, unlimited syncen and being able to work with the usual file structure, Storro gives teams and companies the complete freedom and security that they need.

High expectations

The potential of this innovative way of sharing information is not only confirmed by the rapidly increasing number of clients but also by a firm investment that the enterprise has received last month, allowing it to structurally grow even faster. According to Marketing & Salex Manager Daniel Weststeijn that is ‘a wonderful recognition of the idea that we are working on something special; it can completely change the way in which companies exchange information.” In short, we can surely expect to hear a lot more about Storro from Hengelo, in future.

Click here for more information and the opportunity to try out the application for free for a month!

Date: 15 May 2017 |

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