Twente vehicles running on Twente waste

Nowadays, garbage trucks collect waste almost daily. Fueling them requires large quantities of fossil fuels. Twence, Twente Milieu and Avia Weghorst have therefore expressed the ambition to set up a chain partnership to fuel the vehicles from Twente Mileu at Avia, with biofuel (Liquefied Bio Gas) from Twence.

In short

  • Work-related traffic in the Netherlands requires large quantities of fossil fuels
  • Three companies from Twente are setting up a regional chain partnership for a sustainable alternative fuel
  • They examine whether Twente vehicles can run on Twente waste

Global Goal

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Moving towards biofuel

To underline their ambitions, the three parties signed a cooperation agreement. In the next few months, AVIA and Twence will carry out a feasibility study together into the realization of the set ambitions. Lisette Bosch from Twente Milieu is happy with the cooperation. “The idea of running our garbage trucks on fuel made from the biodegradable waste collected from the Twente residents naturally makes us enthusiastic. The research fits in with our ambitions in the field of innovation and circularity. Also, it fits in nicely with the orientation of Twente Milieu on alternative fuels, and the recent signing of the Sustainable Vehicles Covenant. In total, Twente Milieu vehicles consume around 1.5 million litres of fuel per year. In recent years, we have already switched to GTL (Gas to Liquid), which has led to a huge reduction in our emissions of particulate matter. However, our ambitions do go further than this!”, Lisette Bosch explains. 

Energy recovery

As a leader in the region, Twence wants to contribute to achieving the sustainability objectives of Twente. “Because of that, this plan fits in seamlessly with the ambitions of our company, and it also supports our conviction that cooperation with companies such as Twente Milieu and AVIA is crucial to achieving results”, said Marc Kapteijn of Twence. The company stands for the production of sustainable energy (electricity, steam, hot water) from non-recyclable waste, and for the recovery of raw materials from waste streams, where loops are closed as much as possible. From a European tender, AVIA emerged as the best party to carry out a feasibility study with. If the results of the study are positive, this biofuel resulting from the processing of biodegradable waste will be supplied to AVIA, so that Twente Milieu can refuel this biofuel at an AVIA location. 

Important supplier

 “A collaboration with beautiful companies such as Twence and Twente Milieu allows AVIA to develop the latest technologies, and gain access to new raw materials for the production of renewable fuels and energy”, says Niek Weghorst from AVIA. This is necessary for improving our impact on the climate, and for reducing the use of fossil fuels. This is all for a sustainable society in the long term. AVIA is a supplier of mainly fossil fuels and wants to respond to the energy transition. By being fully circular in the production of LBG, this is done innovatively. AVIA aims to be a regional leader in offering various forms of energy for road traffic, by being a supplier of biofuels, electricity, hydrogen and synthetic fuels such as HVO.

Date: 25 October 2019 |

Source of tekst: Twente Milieu / Twence / Avia Weghorst |


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