Enexis Grid Management is working on a major energy transition

At the moment, there is a significant energy transition taking place. The Climate Agreement's primary aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030, compared to 1990. The target is a 95% per cent reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2050. To achieve these goals of the Climate Agreement, it is important that they now make excellent investments in an energy grid of the future. Enexis Grid Management is working on this energy grid.

In short

  • Because companies and individuals are using and generating more and more electricity, there is sometimes a shortage of space on our energy grid in some places. 
  • Enexis Netbeheer is working on our energy grid's future and is using various new technologies for this.

Global Goal

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Space shortage on our energy grid

In everyday life, we hardly think about the energy we use. We plug a laptop or smartphone charger into the socket or turn on a lamp if needed. Often, we don't realise which cables are in the ground to make that possible. But the space on our energy grid is not unlimited. In fact, capacity is only increasing. In many areas, we are reaching the maximum capacity, and this means that Enexis Grid Management is busy adjusting the power grid. 

Today we drive more and more electric cars, use more air conditioners in summer and also make more use of electric heat pumps. This means we consume more energy than we did previously. Add to this the fact that there are more and more solar farms and wind turbines, and a logical consequence of this is that we reach the maximum capacity of our energy grid a lot faster than a few years ago.

Generating energy

Also, there is an additional change going on in the energy grid. Both companies and individuals not only consume more energy but now also generate energy themselves. This is good news for the Climate Agreement, but it also means even more strain on the energy grid. 

Where energy used to only go from Point A to Point B, it now also goes back from Point B to Point A. Erwin Nileand, executor/work manager Elektra at Enexis Netbeheer: "We are now mainly seeing a large increase in solar farms in the outdoor area, which generate a lot of energy. It is precisely in these outer areas that there is not enough capacity on the current energy grid. A lot of customisation and expansion is required. 

New technologies and remote monitor

New technologies and remote monitoring

In almost all projects that involve adjustments or innovations, the technology that best fits the purpose is considered. Erwin Nileand: "At the moment we are working in Hengelo to modify a large transport distribution station. We install new medium-voltage installations that collect a lot of data and can be monitored remotely. If there is a power failure, only part of the electricity chain will suffer from this and not the chain." 


"The technologies in our field are developing quickly. When making adjustments to the energy grid, we take these developments into account, and we try to keep up with this the best we can. We are also regularly trained by Enexis Netbeheer on digitalisation.”

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Date: 17 December 2020 |

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