Renewable energy in the maritime sector

Solar Boat Twente increases environmental awareness by applying renewable energy in the maritime sector. The team aims to reach this mission by showing that innovative sustainable energy technologies can be implemented successfully in a boat!

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In short

  • Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important in all sectors 
  • Solar Boat Twente increases environmental awareness by applying renewable energy in the maritime sector

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Blue Manta

Solar Boat Twente, the student team from the University of Twente, has unveiled its new boat “Blue Manta” last Thursday. This racing season, the new vessel will compete in two major races. The first is the Dutch National Solar Boat Race (in Dutch: Nederlands Kampioenschap ZonnebootRace) in Akkrum, Friesland in early June. The second, just a month later, is the world championships in Monaco. 

Making shipping more sustainable

Solar Boat Twente has developed a new boat last winter. The most striking element is the specially developed electric motor that is now placed in an optimised aluminium housing below the water surface. This enables the motor to be cooled by the water, increasing its power output. This results in a top speed of nearly 50 km/h. The Blue Manta is more than seven meters long and weighs around 125 kilos.


The sun deck consists of special silicon cells that absorb more sunlight than traditional cells and are more resistant to salt water. These cells make the sun deck ideal for racing in the rough conditions at the coast of Monaco.

World championships in Monaco

Stan van der Wel, team lead of Solar Boat Twente: “We have worked hard as a team to build a reliable and efficient boat in the past months. Currently, we are preparing for the upcoming racing season.”


The first real test will take place at the Dutch championship in Akkrum. Various disciplines will be tested: sprint, slalom and endurance. Just two months later Solar Boat Twente will compete in the world championships in Monaco. In the meantime, the student team continues to optimise the boat.

Date: 30 April 2019 |

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