Sound waves to cool your building

Heating and cooling houses and office buildings cost a lot of energy. Much heat is lost due to the large areas. As a result, energy is often not used efficiently. This is a waste because generating energy has a major impact on the environment. MILK2HEAT has proven that it is possible to heat buildings with ‘alternative’ energy, now SoundEnergy demonstrates the opposite: cooling.

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In short

  • Heating and cooling of buildings is inefficient
  • SoundEnergy from Twente sets an example with their CO2 neutral cooling system 

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Solution from Twente

SoundEnergy from Twente is developing a sustainable system that can cool and heat buildings using sound waves. Their Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter (THEAC) can save 30 to 50 per cent energy for large complexes, offices and factories. Without electricity, CO2 neutral and without (toxic) coolants. Oost NL (using the Innovation Fund Twente) and Cottonwood invested in SoundEnergy to further develop the system and market it worldwide.


SoundEnergy’s THEAC-25 system works as follows: vacuum tube collectors are placed on the roof of a building. These collectors heat water leading to the THEAC-25 system. The THEAC-25 system then uses soundwaves to cool the hot water, which can then be used the cool buildings. In winter the panels produce warm water, which can us used to heat buildings, reducing natural gas. The THEAC-25 system has successfully been tested in a testing environment. In 2015 SoundEnergy won the Young Technology Award.


  • Pieter Rhemrev, manager of the ‘Capital’ business unit at Oost NL, is impressed by SoundEnergy’s system. “Cooling and heating large buildings require a lot of energy. SoundEnergy has developed an intelligent system that saves energy and natural gas in both summer and winter. We see great worldwide growth opportunities for SoundEnergy", says Rhemrev.
  • Ray Quintana, General Partner of Cottonwood Technology Fund: “We are impressed by the advanced technological capabilities that the system offers to compete in many application areas. The THEAC-25 offers a unique combination of energy saving, low costs, zero carbon footprint and a contribution to the circular economy.”


Growth through investment

At the moment, SoundEnergy is a team of four. Partly due to the investment by Oost NL and Cottonwood, the company from Enschede expects to be able to grow and attract more people. “The investment from Cottonwood and the Innovation Fund Twente in SoundEnergy is an important step that helps us to expand globally”, says Herbert Berkhout, CEO of SoundEnergy. “We can now fully focus on the industrial production of our THEAC-25 prototype and start acquiring international orders.” SoundEnergy collaborated with Saxion’s Tech For Future (TFF) fund and the University of Twente to develop the THEAC-25.



Date: 20 September 2017 |

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