New high voltage energy stations throughout the Netherlands

All 140 high voltage substations in the Netherlands must be replaced between 2020 and 2030 as part of the energy transition. Strukton will replace a substation in Alphen aan de Rijn, as first of the many to follow. The stations need to be replaced to access and utilise new energy sources.

In short

  • There are many new energy sources, but we must be able to access and utilise them.
  • All 140 high voltage substations in the Netherlands must be replaced to transport this new energy.
  • Strukton will replace the first substation through a plug and play concept.


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Global Goal

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Our society cannot function without electricity. The high-voltage network is necessary to guarantee an adequate supply of electricity. The network connects electricity producers with consumers and links electricity markets. The unpredictable growth of wind and solar energy, the use of heat pumps and the increase in electric cars require major investments in the high-voltage grid. The goal is to standardise all stations, leading to more flexibility, better safety and efficiency gains. The substitution started because of the need to expand current high-voltage stations to accommodate the increase in solar and wind energy. TenneT manages the high-voltage network in the Netherlands and a large part of Germany. TenneT has approved Strukton's design for the replacement of the first substation.


New energy sources can also be found in abundance in Twente. For example, the Twence solar park, windmills from EAZ Wind and BTG-BTL’s bio-oil. Twente also develops new energy sources. Twente drives the national energy transition.

Zero interruptions

The major challenge in replacing energy stations is limited space to work and the high time pressure. Strukton settled on a plug & play concept. This means that all of the installation’s components will be supplied prefab for onsite assembly as much as possible. The concept has a remarkably short duration because most of the preparations can be done off-site.


Every high voltage substation is a node of the energy network in the Netherlands. The plug and play concept allows the system to continue operating without interruptions. The integrated approach, based on the knowledge and experience of Strukton Systems, Strukton Civiel and the Antea Group, is making this possible.

Innovative Design

A sustainable wood structure, combined with a futuristic design makes this winning design unique. The design was produced using 4D BIM, which adds planning as the fourth dimension in addition to the 3D drawings. Over the long term, specific management and maintenance information will also be added.

Date: 3 October 2019 |

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