Podium spot for Solar Boat Twente in Portugal

Solar Boat Twente finished third in the solar boat competition at the World Water Forum in Portugal this weekend. Six teams competed for the win in several race events, spread over three days. Solar Boat Twente finished third in the standings.

In short

  • Solar Boat Twente visited Portugal to join the World Water Forum.
  • This race creates more awareness regarding clean water and offers great opportunities to get prepared for the world championship in Monaco.

Global Goal

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Water World Forum

The Water World Forum aims to create more awareness regarding clean (drinking) water. Problems such as drought, plastic pollution and access to water facilities are their main focus. Solar Boat Twente wants to underline this message and be a source of inspiration.


The Dutch competition was postponed earlier this year, so this race was extra fun and special for the team. Team manager Tjeerdtje van Gastel: “The unofficial world championships will take place in July, in Monaco, and this competition already showed us how we measure up to the competition. This event also fits in with our mission, and it is a great place for sharing our story of sustainability and innovation.”


During the race, it soon became clear that the boat data’s real-time readings were not reliable. Nevertheless, they achieved their most important goal: winning the three-hour-long endurance race. This race event showed which boat was using the sun most efficiently. “This boat was designed with endurance racing as its main focus. This win confirms that we are on the right track”, says Witbreuk.


The team competed for the win in several race events. They finished third in the short race, first in the endurance race and fourth in the match and sprint races. They finished third in the overall standings.

Future races

Team Solar Boat Twente are now preparing for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, the unofficial world championships for solar boats in Monaco. They will also be joining the Dutch competitions.

Date: 7 June 2021 |

Source of tekst: Solar Boat Twente |