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There are a lot of ongoing technological developments that alter our lives and way of working. Actions go faster, become more accurate and fit the human being as an individual better. Because the world around is changing it is necessary for education to move along as well. That’s how new courses are created that closely relate to current societal issues and initiatives that make sure that recently acquired knowledge can be put in practice immediately.

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NNTS helps with issues in the medical sector

The company No Nonsense Technical Solutions  (NNTS), founded in 2015, in Enschede, responds to these changes. At NNTS, students work together with professionals from the university on technological challenges for companies. Therefore, the company holds a large amount of up-to-date knowledge and is able to conduct a large number of different projects. Just recently, NNTS has started working on issues in the medical sector, because that sector holds many challenges in which students can offer a lot of skills. Students are up-to-date about the latest medical developments and also rapidly deployable. In addition, NNTS offers companies an attractive cost advantage. Examples of medical subjects that hold many issues for NNTS to work on, are bio-robotics and biomedical engineering.


NNTS started out small with just a few students but the company is growing rapidly and now consists of more than 50 students. Why is the company expanding this fast? “NNTS offers considerable value on the market because companies can profit from academic knowledge for an attractive price. The focus is on applying academic knowledge on practical solutions. In addition, a growing number of technical challenges are arising in which different disciplines are important. Putting together a fitting multidisciplinary team is then of considerable added value for companies,” according to Jurre Kuijper, founder of the company.

Combination of medicine and technology

Jill Hanegraaf, Accountmanager at NNTS, studies Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. Jill is in charge of keeping contact with companies working in the medical sector and she paints a clear image of the benefits of NNTS can hold for these medical companies. Through her work at NNTS she sees how well her degree and NNTS match the issues of today’s society. “Being a Technical Medicine student, you learn a lot about medicine and technology but a lot of the courses are also a combination of technology in medicine. Also, we have a practical work attitude because we are involved in a project around four times a year. Just recently I did a project on the diagnosis of renal cell tumors with the use of nanotechnology. You need medical knowledge to be able calculate the way the tumor will act within the kidney and the way in which this tumor can be diagnosed. Subsequently, you will need this knowledge to be able to come up with a technical solution, being nanotechnology in this case.”


Another example of a medical project in which technology and medical knowledge are important, is the smart bracelet that was designed by NNTS for the start-up Tubanti. “The use of medication keeps increasing and it is important that medication is taken by patients on time. The start-up Tubanti came up with the idea to make this easier with the use of a bracelet in order to make sure that certain actions cannot be forgotten any longer. NNTS has started with the design of a first prototype of the bracelet  and in addition, also develop the hardware and software for the smart bracelet”, says Jurre Kuijper.

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