High-precision technology; from microscope to robot arm

The demand for high-precision technicians is growing. Technicians that are able to make complex products in a modern (machinated) production environment. CNC virtuoso and instrument makers that know what the possibilities are and what is needed, those who think along. In the medical sector, machines and instruments also play an important role. Think, for example, of electron microscopes, microscopes, laboratory equipment and robot arms; all made up of countless minute particles. Universities, laboratories and precision-engineers companies, especially, are looking for talents with knowledge of this technology of the future.

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New education

The Regional Community College Twente (RCC), in collaboration with Techwise Twente and – for now – twenty-five regional companies, is therefore commencing this upcoming semester with the fulltime secondary vocational education (BOL 4) courses Machining Technician and Research Machine Maker. With these new courses, the East-Netherlands will soon have a number of young machining technicians that will make the realization of an efficient 24/7 production environments their core business, know which automation systems to use and are able to engage in the visualization process of the manufacturability of products. And will have research machine makers  that are creative, are able to develop prototypes and test these with a number of different production methods.

Partnership companies from Twente

These courses share a joint first year, after which the final choice between one of the two graduation directions will be made. The majority of the course will be formed by practical lessons in relation to projects at the intersection of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and IT. Internships and final projects will, of course, take place at companies across the region. For the Open Day of the courses on  January 31st  at the Gieterij, specific companies, involved in high-precision technology, have been invited and are given the opportunity to present themselves to the new students.


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Date: 19 January 2017 |

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