Twente is packed with talent! Saxion and TalentIT join forces.

The demand for students in the labour market in Twente remains high. With a mission to meet this demand, Saxion has entered into a partnership with TalentIT. TalentIT connects students and IT organisations. This partnership allows HBO-ICT students to further develop themselves in the field of IT and get a taste of the radiant career that awaits them. Also, they get to know the companies from the region that are in desperate need of qualified IT staff. In short, a win-win situation.

In short

  • The demand for students in the labour market in Twente remains high.
  • Twente and Overijssel are known for excellence in the area of IT
  • TalentIT ensures that students meet companies in Twente

Global Goal

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IT in Twente

Twente and Overijssel are known for excellence in the area of IT. Also, there is plenty of available work, according to Coen Beernink, program manager of TalentIT. TalentIT ensures that students become acquainted with companies in Twente through side jobs, internships, graduation assignments and projects. Saxion recognises the project as a way for students to improve their skills, as well as a method to get to know companies in the region and gain practical experience. 


This initiative, therefore, contributes to retaining talent in the region, which benefits the companies in Twente. According to Beernink, however, the student’s opinion and interests are leading: “TalentIT is widely supported by educational institutions, the province of Overijssel, municipalities and organisations. However, the students are the most important! They see the added value of the program and start to shine when they learn something they like.”

Enthusiastic students

Not only the business community but also the students are enthusiastic. According to Beernink, conversations were continued throughout the summer break. Students are motivated and excited to get in touch with the many great companies in the region and gain experience that way. “They want to get started!” Beernink says. TalentIT offers the students a great deal of freedom so that they can deepen the knowledge of their area of interest. The motivation and enthusiasm of the students are contagious for the participating organisations.

The importance of talent

Twente needs talents and needs to retain them. Read more about the economic importance of talent for Twente in this article. TalentIT also endorses this importance: “We are independent and serve a social interest. That is why we are a non-profit foundation, meaning that we break-even.  We are committed to retaining talent.” TalentIT will give a major boost to a more vital labour market in Twente. The collaboration with Saxion fits perfectly in this picture.

Date: 6 September 2019 |

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