The economic importance of talent in Twente

They’re everywhere again: young and energetic students on their way to the knowledge institutions in Twente. The introduction weeks are in full swing. The University of Twente is halfway its Kick-In, and Saxion University of Applied Sciences is starting the HOI week later this week. Companies in Twente are excited to attract all those young and talented people to fill the many outstanding vacancies.

In short

  • Young talent is in great demand at entrepreneurs in Twente
  • Talent is important to the economy in Twente
  • Talented people from Twente devise sustainable solutions for global challenges

Global Goal

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Jaap Beernink, director of Novel-T, emphasises in his column in Tubantia how important talent is for the economy in Twente. Such talented people are responsible for developments with impact. For example, the student team Solar Team Twente is developing many innovations in the field of future-proof transport with their new solar car RED E. Twente has also been the breeding ground for very fertile start-ups, such as, 4Silence and more. During summer, Twente did not stop to stimulate talent and innovation. For example, the University of Twente organised a summer school, CuriousU.


Read the full article by Jaap Beernink about the need for talent in Twente here.

All this means…

It is now more than ever time act because Twente deserves talent. If we are actively committed to attracting and retaining talent, it will benefit the entire region. It will also result in even more innovations that Twente can be proud of.