TRIMM brings China a little bit nearer

The internet office TRIMM and Cloud provider Akamai bundle their powers in order to realize a Worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN). “Especially the entering of an international market through the CDN-Network from Akamai is a big win for our clients and for ourselves, as an increasing number of companies is doing business abroad”, says Bas Greevink, advisor & safety at TRIMM Hosting. 

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What is a CDN?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) enables a website or app to always be available and to be quickly presented to the user – Independently where the data have been saved. A CDN consists out of more than 200.000 different servers which are located in different data centers all over the world which then are all interconnected. By saving data on different servers, the user automatically also has access to the information on the server that is the closest to him at that moment.

China is suddenly very close

China is with its 1,3 billion inhabitants an increasingly more important market for the products and services of Dutch companies and organizations. However, the services of the Dutch websites in China leave much to be desired, so that they are often hardly or not at all accessible. Therefore it is nearly inevitable that organizations host their websites on their own in China or make use of a CDN. “The hosting in China is a difficult affair as companies, due to the size of the country, need to have several locations”, says Greevink. “For that, a Chinese Hosting-Partner with the required knowledge and skills of the local market is necessary. This aspect enlarges the complexity of administration and therefore also has got an impact on time exposure. A CDN is therefore an obvious choice for most organizations. “Due to the cooperation with Akamai, the Chinese mainland is not that far away anymore.”

Shared DNA

The cooperation between TRIMM and Akamai is no coincident. Both companies do not only show similarity in terms of services but also in their DNA. Akamai started as a branch of the American University of Technology MIT and TRIMM as a branch of the University of Twente. “We speak the same language”, says Greevink. “This is a good basis for a cooperation. Therefore, I do believe that this cooperation can definitely bear fruit!”

Date: 27 May 2016 |

Source of tekst: TRIMM |


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