MST launches rehabilitation app CureYou for cardiac patients

Around 180,000 patients are treated for various cardiac diseases in the Netherlands every year. Proper cardiac rehabilitation is of great importance for these patients so they can have a good recovery. Cardiac patients at MST can now rehabilitate with the rehabilitation app CureYou. 

In short

  • One hundred eighty thousand patients are treated for cardiac diseases in the Netherlands every year. A good recovery is of great importance for these patients.
  • Many patients in Twente could not get proper rehabilitation during the corona period, so the cardiac rehabilitation app CureYou was developed at an accelerated pace.
  • Cardiac patients receive a customised rehabilitation programme through this app.

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Cardiovascular diseases

Proper cardiac rehabilitation is very important, especially after a heart attack or heart surgery. Patients that get proper rehabilitation tend to have a better life expectancy. Frits de Man, cardiologist at MST: “Cardiac rehabilitation pays a lot of attention to healthy nutrition, the importance of exercise, dealing with stress and sleeping well. An unhealthy lifestyle is often the biggest culprit for cardiovascular diseases.” Many cardiac patients could not get proper rehabilitation during the corona period. This accelerated the development of the cardiac rehabilitation app CureYou.


Thorax Centrum Twente from the MST hospital and pro-F Professional Physiotherapy from Enschede have started collaborating, and they started developing the CureYou app. This is an interactive app that provides every cardiac patient with a customised rehabilitation programme.


Arthur Bennink, physiotherapist at Pro-F: “We can provide patients with knowledge in an interactive way through the online CureYou platform. We can guide them remotely and independently support them towards a healthy and vital lifestyle.”


The CureYou app combines the knowledge of lifestyle coaches, cardiac rehabilitation nursing consultants, cardiologists, psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians. Patients that use the app learn about healthy lifestyles through various modules that include presentations, videos and tips on nutrition, exercising, stress, relaxation, quitting smoking and sleeping. The app also offers live group sessions, e-consults and remote rehabilitation—all within a secure environment.


Patients say that the CureYou app has been beneficial. One of the patients says: “All of the information is reliable and up-to-date. To me, it is a great digital reference that I can pick up at any time of the day.”

Contact information

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Date: 10 February 2021 |

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