Since the early days, entrepreneurial Hengelo knows a lot about the technical manufacturing industry. It used to be called ‘the metal city of Twente’. The energy and the entrepreneurship are still present today: it’s in the DNA of the city. Entrepreneurial Hengelo hosts large international companies and possesses lots of skills and crafts, primarily in the fields of IT, machinery, mechatronics, sensor technology, environmental- and energy technology, and high-tech materials. Also, the World Trade Center Twente is in Hengelo.

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Innovative tech city

Entrepreneurial Hengelo is positioned in central Twente, next to the A1 highway and therefore well connected. It’s barely two hours towards the middle of the Randstad or the German Ruhr area. By train, it is also easy to visit Hengelo, especially for public and freight transport on both national and international logistical level. Entrepreneurial Hengelo possesses the Combi Terminal Twente alongside the Twente canal, which is the largest modern in-land terminal in the Netherlands and is ideally positioned between the docks of Rotterdam and the German hinterland. Also, transport to the ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp are possible.

Plenty of settlement opportunities

Entrepreneurial Hengelo has plenty of business parks and settlement opportunities. Large and small ones for starting and growing entrepreneurs to find the ideal space in line with their ambitions. Many business parks have a high-end, park-like appearance. Entrepreneurs are often united in forms of park management, which benefit the quality and value of the business locations.


Some business parks focus on specific types of businesses. For example, the modern designed Westermaat De Veldkamp close to the A1 and A35 highways is primarily intended for companies active in the fields of industry, distribution, storage and transport. The Westermaat Campus, alongside the A1, offers suitable office spaces tailored to high-tech companies' needs.

Gezondheidspark (Health Park)

What’s also noteworthy is the recently developed Health Park near the A35 highway and the ZGT hospital, which has its own train station. Here in the green environment, besides houses and educational institutions, health care and care-related companies are located, such as sports, wellness, physiotherapy, dental technology, private clinics, technical and medical applications.

State of business activity and sustainability

An up-to-date picture with background information about business and sustainability in Hengelo can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG):

Municipality of Hengelo

Hengelo includes the city of Hengelo, the church village of Beckum, and a few hamlets. The population is approximately 80,500 people from Twente.

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Sustainability in Hengelo

The municipality of Hengelo is creating a healthy, green and energy-neutral city. To become completely energy neutral by 2050, they want to improve their energy savings by 2% on year on year basis. To cope with climate change, they want to use the Hengelo creeks in innovative ways. The inhabitants are involved closely in all sorts of plans and support initiatives to use solar energy. The municipality of Hengelo is not without reason one of the 30 Dutch partner municipalities of the Green Deal for natural gas-free neighbourhoods


Industrial inheritance, living, culture and nature

The Municipality of Hengelo has a rich industrial inheritance. Many old factory buildings have got new functions. Where metal factories Stork and Dikkers used to be, there is now a completely new neighbourhood, Hart van Zuid, including stores, businesses and homes. The Municipality of Hengelo offers a pleasant living environment. The old town characterises itself by cosy bars and a broad offer of cultural events. Pop stage Metropool hosts bands and artists of world-class. Yearly, FBK Games organises the biggest international athletics event in the Netherlands. Besides, Hengelo is surrounded by nature, so enjoying a walk or bike ride is certainly possible in the beautiful environment.


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