Twence wins innovation award in Spain

Twence extracts and recycles useable raw materials from waste and produces energy from non-recyclable waste, biomass and sunlight. They won the CEWEP Innovation Award 2018 during the 9th CEWEP Congres in Bilbao for their sodium bicarbonate installation with which captured CO2 is successfully reused. CEWEP is the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants.

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In short

  • Twence won the CEWEP Innovation Award 2018 in the innovation category.
  • Twence developed a system to extract and reuse CO2 from flue gases.

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Twence, the waste processing plant from Twente, won the award on the 20th of September in Bilbao, during the CEWEP conference. CEWEP is the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants. Twence won because they developed an innovative system for capturing CO2 from the dry flue gas treatment in collaboration with, among others, a spin-off of the University of Twente. The system is fully integrated into the plant and produces approximately 8,000 tonnes of sodium bicarbonate annually, causing a reduction of CO2 emissions up to 3,000 tonnes per year.

Successfully extracting CO2

Twence’s project manager Andy Roeloffzen is proud of their achievement. “It’s a great honour”, he emphasized in his acceptance speech. “We are convinced that the reuse of CO2 is important to put a stop to climate change. We see this award as a recognition of this vision. Waste-to-energy plants play a pioneering role in achieving more circularity.” Twence calls on other waste energy companies to jointly close the CO2 cycle. “Together we can be an example for other industries and society. We can show that joint efforts truly enable a circular economy.”

Vraag naar CO2 toepassingen

De vraag naar CO2 voor diverse nuttige toepassingen, zoals bijvoorbeeld als ‘meststof’ in de glastuinbouw en hulpstof bij de productie van bouwstoffen, is groot. Met het afvangen ervan doet Twence al sinds 2014 ervaringen op. De afgevangen CO2 wil Twence in vloeibare vorm nabij de gebouwen op het eigen terrein opslaan, voor transport naar toekomstige afnemers. De grote lijnen van het project zijn vastgesteld en Twence werkt aan verdere invulling. Hiervoor schrijft Twence een openbare marktconsultatie uit. 

Date: 24 September 2018 |

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