TValley is creating a community of companies, researchers and students, with the goal of working together on innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry with robotics, mechatronics and ambient intelligence. The network meets regularly for specific themes – such as Research & Development, Human Resources and System Engineering – or for joint innovation projects.

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Space53 created a drone innovation cluster together with authorities, knowledge institutions, emergency services and companies, and they strengthen the ecosystem by creating preconditions for the successful development and application of unmanned systems. Space53 has a unique position in the drone world with its combination of high-tech knowledge and skills, facilities for testing and experimenting and the intensive cooperation with authorities and emergency services.

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Robotics in Twente


Robotics in Twente can make the difference in sectors with a personnel shortage. Robots contribute to building houses more quickly in the event of a housing shortage, for example, and they call emergency services more quickly than people can. Robots can improve our quality of life.


In Twente werken kennisinstellingen, onderzoekers en ondernemers samen om de toekomst in de robotica vorm te geven.  

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