Information technology in Twente


In Twente, digitisation is used as a means to increase the profits and labour productivity in companies, and thus the future-proofing of our region. The global corona crisis also requires innovative solutions in which digitisation plays a major role. Other social challenges also require solutions. Twente offers solutions by developing technological innovations with unprecedented dynamics. Fortunately, Twente is ready for the future!


Artificial Intellegence (AI)


Twente has several unique technologies that create enormous opportunities for the region and stimulate digitisation. One of these technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI). More than 350 companies in the east of the Netherlands are already actively using AI applications for important social themes. One of these is a start-up from Twente called Spectro-AG. This company develops advanced technologies and knows how to rapidly turn them into innovative services and products. Spectro-AG specialises in data-intensive applications in agriculture, such as precision farming. In this article, owners Hamed Mehdipoor and Roger Borre talk about their start-up, examples of AI applications and increasing support for AI in the industrial sector.

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