The corona virus requires new developments and innovations in the field of medical technology. Twente Fights Corona: Entrepreneurs, talents and knowledge institutions have been developing techniques and innovations to bring the global corona virus to a halt.

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MedTech Cluster

MedTech Twente is the innovation hub that accelerates medical technology. The business community and healthcare institutions work closely together with researchers from knowledge institutions in order to develop innovations for the healthcare of the future.

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Medical technology in Twente


Medical technology in Twente greatly contributes to healthcare. We work together with authorities, entrepreneurs and research and educational institutions on solutions for social issues in healthcare.


Innovations can be quickly validated and tested thanks to Twente’s powerful MedTech ecosystem, but we also have the knowledge and skills to swiftly implement them. We focus on medical robotics, e-health, biotechnology and AI, among other things. Innovation in healthcare, and therefore in medical technology, is important to have long(er) and happy(er) lives and to keep healthcare affordable.

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