Photonics in Twente


Photonics is complex, which is why it is so important that scientists and engineers work closely together. That is also why the photonics ecosystem is so strong in Twente. Photonics talents from the University of Twente and Saxion work together with scientists, researchers and engineers to constantly innovate and invent new applications.


Important photonics companies have emerged in Twente, partly due to the knowledge institutions in Twente. Spin-offs such as QuiX, LioniX, PhoeniX and PHiX are always working on the development of photonics, together with various researchers. Twente also has facilities for ground-breaking scientific and applied research, such as the MESA+ NanoLab at the University of Twente.




University of Twente’s Fraunhofer Project Center focuses on applying current research in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies in the industry. Examples are the development of technological solutions in the field of production processes, production equipment, digital production and the organisation of the production chain. Fraunhofer Project Center builds synergies together with the industry, so that high-tech can excel in the fourth industrial revolution and to train the technical talents of the future.

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