Startup Talk met Edwin Vlieg van Moneybird

Meld je aan voor de Startup Talk (engels) met Edwin Vlieg, de oprichter van Moneybird.

Evenement details

Wanneer: 27 oktober 2020
Tijd: 16:30 - 17:30
Organisator: Novel-T
Locatie: Online- Livestream vanuit Incubase

Global Goal

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Omschrijving Edwin Vlieg en Moneybird in het engels:

Edwin Vlieg is the founder of Moneybird, a fast-growing accounting solution for SME’s. He studied Computer Science at the University of Twente and started his company during his master’s. In 2008 Moneybird had its first product launch. Currently, Moneybird employs a team of 40 and has over 200.000 users in Holland. During the talk, Edwin will tell you about the challenges he faced when starting up a company. Also, the UT-alumnus encourages young talent to start with entrepreneurship. Make sure to prepare some nice questions for Edwin and sign up for the online Startup Talk.


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