Central to Almelo is its innovative manufacturing industry. Almelo is the only place in Twente where you can find so many large high-tech companies with an international reputation. These companies do not only raise the quality of products and working methods, they also provide solutions for reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of energy and raw materials. At the same time, they increase the safety and comfort of working and living environments.

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Gemeente Almelo
Haven Zuidzijde 30
7607 EW Almelo
+31 (0)546 541 111
Green and innovative manufacturing city

Companies from entrepreneurial Almelo deliver ground-breaking solutions to complex questions for clients all over the world, in numerous industrial sectors. Some examples: advanced materials that are both lighter and stronger for aircraft manufacturers and the automotive industry, chips that can store more and more information while lasting longer, more trustworthy machines that make increasingly refined products while producing less waste or instruments that allow the food industry, the medical sector and researchers to take incredibly accurate measurements for all kinds of purposes.

Smart development and smart production

The success of the high-tech companies in entrepreneurial Almelo is rooted in its industrial past. The entrepreneurial manufacturing industry has always been prominently represented here. Thinking and doing, innovative and practical insight, smart development and smart production: these combinations are anchored in the genes of technology companies in Almelo.

XL Businesspark Twente

Entrepreneurial Almelo offers plenty of establishment opportunities for large, medium-sized and small companies with its various business parks. XL Businesspark Twente, codeveloped by the province of Overijssel and other cities in Twente, is the perfect location for companies that need a lot of space. The park is located between Almelo and Bornerbroek, right next to the A35 motorway and just a few minutes away from the A1 motorway; a major road that connects Germany, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the rest of the Netherlands. That is why many companies have already established their logistics and distribution centres here. XL Businesspark Twente is also located by the Twente Canal, which connects entrepreneurial Almelo to the port of Rotterdam and therefore to the rest of the world by water.

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Almelo with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Almelo

The municipality of Almelo consists of the city of Almelo, the villages of Aadorp and Bornerbroek and (part of) the Mariaparochie. They have around 73,000 inhabitants.


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Housing options that suit all tastes

The municipality of Almelo has a city that is not only pleasant to work in, it is also a great place for living and relaxing. The city centre has undergone a major renovation; it is now more compact and livelier than ever. The surrounding greenery can be found deep into the city centre, creating a charm all of its own. Recently developed outskirts and newbuilds in the centre offer modern housing options that suit all tastes. Football fans can enjoy Heracles Almelo, while culture fans can indulge in a rich and varied programme.


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